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  • Cold And Enchanted At Mt Timbac In Benguet

    Cold And Enchanted At Mt Timbac In Benguet

    I have a theory. The reason that this tickle in my throat refuses to go away is because I haven't seen some mountain action sinceā€¦ March, was it? I'm craving going on a hike and breathing pure, unadulterated mountain air, never mind that it gets freezing at some points, and mixed with rain and followed by the heat of the sun. Come to think of it, the last proper hike I did was in February this year, up Mt. TImbac via Atok in Benguet.

    All three highest points in Luzon are found in the province (my province) of Benguet. Of course there is Mt. Pulag in Kabayan, and its close neighbor Mt. Tab ...

  • A Hike To Mt Timbak And Mt Tabayoc

    A Hike to Mt. Timbak(2717 MASL) and Mt. Tabayoc(2842 MASL) located in the province of Benguet the 3rd and 2nd highest Mountain in Luzon.

  • Trek To Mt Timbac Benguet

    Not too much footage so expect the video to suck . . but it was a nice trek . .