Climbing Taal Volcano In Batangas Philippines

Today we are climbing taal volcano located in batangas philippines.

We travelled to taal volcano from metro manila, its around a 3 hour bus ride from makati city and costs around 100 pesos per person for the bus.

On arriving at batangas or tagaytay (both are close to taal) you will need to take a tricycle down to the boat pier to catch a boat to taal island. The tricycle should cost you around 250 - 300 pesos return back to tagaytay / batangas bus station.

At the boat port you will then have to pay for the boat and any entrance fees and environment fees to taal volcano. Its advised to take a guide as its a long way up the mountain and they will look after you and show you the way up. You can also choose weather to walk up or get a horse to ride up the mountain for a small fee. The walk up to taal is around 20 - 30 minutes by horse maybe longer if you decide to walk depending on how fit you are.

At the top of taal you will see some spectacular views of the crater with a huge lake at the top. These are the types of views you would associate with the philippines, it was incredible. There are a total of 4 paths you can take but we only saw the option to take 2.

They have a viewing deck which you can take amazing photos from to, and be sure to take the path to see the volcanos red rocks which have been stained by the lava.

Taal volcano was a incredible day and we highly recommend you visit if you are ever in manila, it is much cheaper toi travel to taal volcano the way we did it. If you decide to take a tour package you will pay around 6000 pesos per person when we spent less than half of that for 2 people.

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