Verde Island

Batangas City, Batangas

Verde Island is situated along the bodies of Verde Island Passage between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, Philippines. Verde Island has been a destination for tourist and divers in Batangas City since 1999, after the Pastor clan opened an P80 Million resort at Brgy. San Antonio.

The eponymous Verde Island, located right in the center of the strait, is one of the best diving places ...

in the Philippines due to its pristine clear waters and nice under water view. Daily trips for scuba divers are made from Puerto Galera.

The wreckage of a Spanish galleon that sunk in 1620 was found in the southern part of this passage. It was heavily salvaged in the late seventies and again in the early 80s. Nothing remains of the wreck except for a few shards of porcelain and some larger pieces of terracota jars. The keel was removed to Puerto Galera for conservation. The conservation was not properly carried out and the remaining timbers were left to rot at a depth of 6 meters in front of Sabang Beach.  Wiki

Verde Island News

  • Heart Of Isla Verde

    Heart Of Isla Verde

    How does it feels like when it's your first time to be in a place? When it's your first time to do something that is very helpful? How about doing that so in the middle of vacation? Wanna know how? It might not be the best way to describe but here's my own experience...

    Remember Kuya Roy? My companion in my very first blog "Haler Baler". We were planning about getting on Fortune Island, Nasugbu Batangas one of these weekends of May. Well, for some reason, it didn't happen. Due to the messed schedules and not-so-good weather which is very risky to proceed. Before the month of May ends, he te ...

  • Verde Island Batangas Philippines

    Verde Island Batangas Philippines

    A trip to Verde Island in Batangas, Philippines is a not so planned trip in a replacement of the planned Jomalig Island escapade in Quezon. It just so happened that a friend who havent been in the Island for quite while mentioned that a relatives of his owns a beach front rest house in the island. Sounds great right. And that brought us to this place.

    According to Scuba Dive Philippines, Verde Island is a small island located between Batangas and Mindoro. Its underwater bio-diversity attracts tourist and scuba divers to visit the island. Also according to Scuba Dive Philippines, there is a ...

  • Travel Guide How To Get To Isla Verde Batangas City With Tips And Reminders

    Travel Guide How To Get To Isla Verde Batangas City With Tips And Reminders

    Isla Verde (Verde Island) is one of the must-visit "off-the-beaten" destinations in Batangas City. The island is located between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, along Verde Island Passage which is dubbed as the "Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World." Known for its pristine clear waters and amazing underwater treasures, it is a favorite among local and foreign tourists, backpackers and intrepid travelers looking for an awesome vacation away from the crowd.

    Verde island is composed of 6 villages such as Liponpon, San Agapito, San Agustin East, San Agustin West, San Andre ...

  • Diving In Puerto Galera 2016

    Kobayashi siblings Holy Week Dive.

    Dive locations:
    - Sabang Wreck
    - Sinandigan Wall
    - Dungon Wall
    - Monkey Beach
    - Verde Island, Batangas "Isla Verde"
    - Alma Jane Wreck

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  • JG Summit plant violated environmental regulations

    JG Summit plant violated environmental regulations

    Government environmental regulators said the JG Summit chemical plant in Batangas violated environmental standards, leading to the release of foul odor and black smoke that affected nearby villages.

    "The odor is a violation. They should have mitigating measures. They don't have control facilities," said Carlos Magno, Calabarzon Regional Director of the Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) on Wednesday, August 19.

    JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation, the company that runs the plant, has been ordered to submit within 10 days an explanation of the violation, Magno told Rappler.

    "If ...

  • The truth about Verde Passage

    The truth about Verde Passage

    It is already fascinating to know that the Philippines is considered as the "center of marine biodiversity," now imagine being at the center of the center. The Verde Island Passage, spanning an area of roughly 1.14 million hectares of sea surrounding the provinces of Batangas, Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, Marinduque, and Romblon, is recognized as the "center of the center of marine shore fish biodiversity."


    In 2005, two marine scientists, Victor Springer of the Smithsonian Institute and Kent Carpenter of the International Union for Conservation ...