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  • Masasa Beach Budget DIY Expenses And Itinerary

    Masasa Beach Budget DIY Expenses And Itinerary

    More than a decade ago, I traveled to Tingloy Island in Batangas with some college friends for our school project. We were about to produce a Travel Show, and since a friend knows someone from the island, we decided to shoot there.

    I haven't heard of Tingloy at that time. I was just a student then, and I didn't have any idea that one day I would be a Travel blogger hahaha After further research, I learned that Tingloy is an island municipality of Batangas. The only town that is separated from the mainland.

  • Masasa Beach An Island Off The Beaten Path In Tingloy Batangas

    Masasa Beach An Island Off The Beaten Path In Tingloy Batangas

    There is a not-so-far-away beach paradise located only 3-hours away from Manila named Masasa Beach. The recently uncovered treasure is situated in a fish-shaped island named Tingloy, the only municipality in Batangas that is not part of mainland Luzon.

    During its earlier years, Masasa Beach was an untouched island with no convenient source of food and shelter available for visitors. But this hidden paradise didn't stay hidden for long. It gained fame for its pristine clear seas and soon enough, the local tourism brought thriving business opportunities to what used to be a dormant town.

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  • Quick Guide Masasa Beach In Tingloy Batangas

    Masasa Beach is the fish's belly, a curl of powdery paradise, which is barely disturbed for two reasons: most people do not know it exists, and those who do go only as far as Sombrero Island. There's hardly any man-made structure in the area, so catch Masasa Beach while it's still fresh and unspoiled.

  • Dive For A Purpose Cleaning Up Masasa Beach In Batangas

    Dive For A Purpose Cleaning Up Masasa Beach In Batangas

    What was once an unspoiled paradise is now a beach stricken with trash.

    Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas used to be a popular destination for tourists and locals looking for a quick summer getaway. However, maintenance of the beach proved to be difficult and trash started to impinge on the beachfront and even the water.

    Three women recently took it upon themselves to help revive Masasa Beach.

    Using their diving hobby as a tool for their environmental advocacy, Christine Ivy Bagay, Ma. Angelica Gallego, and Michelle Arianne Manza recently began the first in a series of clean-up dives ...

  • Travel Guide Masasa Beach Batangas City Philippines

    Travel Guide Masasa Beach Batangas City Philippines

    Masasa Beach in Batangas, Philippines is one of the newest summer getaways in the South. People from the city crave for a place to refresh their minds from deadlines and cutoffs. It is almost a must to visit at least one beach during summer. And most of the beaches that are near the city of Manila are in Batangas, so we decided to check out Masasa Beach last weekend to experience its beauty.

    How To Go To Batangas From Manila?

    There are two terminals for the JAM Liner where you can ride a bus from Manila to Batangas. One is in Kamuning, Cubao and the other is in Taft-Buendia. If you're a ...

  • Masasa Beach Tingloy Batangas Philippines

    Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas, PhilippinesThe Hidden Gem of Batangas.

    The last boat trip from Tingloy going to Anilao Everyday is at 2:00pm. If you can't make it, you may hire a private boat. I'll tell you, it's a bit pricey. The small boat costs 3,000.00.