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  • The Batangas Escapade Hike To Taal Volcano Crater

    Created by RV925 Ventures under the aegis of its prime mover, Limon Valeros a.k.a. Pinoy Underground. Featuring Filipino actor/politician Alfred Vargas and Filipina commercial model cum movie and tv actress Marinella Sheen Oania. All rights reserved.

    Episode 01 of 04 of the Batangas Escapade featuring the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape, which forms part of Destination: Philippines, a weekly one-hour ecotourism and responsible travel television program, created and produced by RV925 Ventures in 2012 for NET 25.

    By and large, Destination: Philippines highlights, first and foremost, devel ...

  • Spring Break In The Philippines Taal Volcano And Tiny Horses

    Spring Break In The Philippines Taal Volcano And Tiny Horses

    Recently my daughter and I flew to Manila  to meet up with my husband, Chris.  He was there on an all too frequent business trip and my daughter was on spring break.  Seemed like a good way to burn some airline miles!

    After a 26 hour journey, we arrived on a Wednesday night and dragged our tired bodies to our hotel in Alabang, which is an area south of Manila. While Chris was working, we explored the area for a couple of days, then we all caught a plane for a 6 day visit to Busuanga Island in the very northern part of Palawan province.

    The first day, before jet lag took hold, we m ...

  • Taal Volcano Batangas Philippines S4 Vlog 14

    Trekking Taal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Philippines. Talisay, Batangas Province. Philippines Season 4 Travel Vlog 14.

  • Taal Volcano Trip 2016

    The stunning Taal Volcano Crater Lake located in Taal, Batangas.

  • Taal Volcano A Day Trip From Manila

    Taal Volcano A Day Trip From Manila

    Most people who come to Manila stay here one or two days and head off to other islands. However, if you decide to explore some surrounding area of the Philippines capital city, we recommend you to visit Tagaytay and Taal volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world.

    Some people laugh and call Taal an inception, just like the movie with DiCaprio. It is because of the lake around the volcano as well as inside the crater. I mean, if you look at the map you'll see the Pacific Ocean with Luzon Island, then a Taal lake in Luzon, a Taal Island in the Taal Lake and a lake in the crater. Ocean ...

  • Nature Calls Hidden Taal

    Nature Calls Hidden Taal

    For many tourists the once saltwater Taal Lake can be most conveniently seen from far Tagaytay ridge. But there is also its less seen, less traveled side.

    Most famous for its volcano, reportedly one of the "smallest" in the world, the caldera has about 42 known craters, including a huge submerged one and the main crater containing the "lake within a lake". Until the 1700s, the Pansipit River, which connects the lake to Balayan Bay, was deep enough to enable Chinese trading ships to navigate from one to the other. A series of volcanic eruptions culminating in 1764 severely constricted the br ...