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  • Mount Manabu Travel Guide Itinerary To One Of The Easiest Day Hike In Batangas

    Mount Manabu Travel Guide Itinerary To One Of The Easiest Day Hike In Batangas

    Name: Mt. Manabu (Manabu Peak)
    Elevation: 760+ MASL
    Diffulty: 2/9
    Location: Sto. Tomas Batangas
    Jump-Off: Sulok, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Sto. Tomas
    Feature: Woodlands | Stunning view of the other mountains in Batangas

    Mt. Manabu is simply among the all-time favorites of seasoned mountaineers. Newcomers would also do best to start on this mountain. Not only that it has one of the richest natural environment among the mountains in Batangas but it promises an enriching experience that first-time hikers would definitely learn from and would certainly make them love the sport. Its trail is a right ...

  • Climb At Mount Manabu In Batangas

    Climb At Mount Manabu In Batangas

    Mt. Manabu rises to an elevation of 760 meters above sea level. It's one of the many minor climbs in Batangas particularly located at Sto. Tomas with a 2/9 difficulty. The word "Manabu" is an abbreviation for "Mataas na Bundok" meaning a tall mountain. Mt. Manabu belongs to the Malarayat Range and is a famous Holy Week destination.

    The Challenge

    I was supposed to be with the first batch on Day 3 of the Introductory Climb but I woke up late and went to Sto. Tomas with the last batch. I was really sorry and ashamed of my circumstance. I was actually a negative in that climb.

    We were sup ...

  • Mount Manabu Climb

    Mount Manabu Climb

    It was Friday and we're having a long vacation again over the weekend. He called me up at the office during lunch break.

    Enteng: Oyeng, long weekend. Gusto mo magkita? Alis tayo. Yung pwedeng may matambayan lang.
    Oyeng: Hmmmmm. Isip ako. Sa Makati o sa Batangas?
    Enteng: Kahit saan.
    Oyeng: Ang hirap kasi mag isip, di naman ako mahilig sa kape. Ganon yung mga tambayan di ba?
    Enteng: Gusto mo umakyat ng bundok?
    Oyeng: Sige!

    Andali kong kausap. HAHA! When he asked if I wanted to go hiking, I immediately said YES! I really really wanted to go on a hike for the longest time, and here he i ...

  • How To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Unique And Broke Way

    How To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Unique And Broke Way

    You probably heard and have seen so much information about Mt. Manabu online, just like its name which is abbreviated from "Mataas Na Bundok" and the popular free "alamid" coffee, a coffee made out of Asian Palm Civet's waste. Well, the free coffee is still true today as we have experienced it ourselves, but is it really that high or "mataas?" in Filipino, it is not. In fact, this is the easiest mountain we've ever climbed, easier than Mt. Batulao or Mt. Maculot. I've narrowed down all the useful information below for you to get started, but before that I'll tell you how we end up and managed ...

  • Manabu Peak And Mt Maculot Twin Hike

    Manabu Peak And Mt Maculot Twin Hike

    The great outdoors can push the limitations of your physical prowess to its utmost power ??" Fakir

    Features: Manabu Peak, Tatay Tino's Free Coffee, Hiking, Camping, Twin Climb, Mt Maculot, Day Hiking and 2 Mountains in 2 Days

    How to be a weekend warrior? Its the time of the year again where most of our annual vacation leaves are already used. We do no longer have sufficient time to go far away from home and work. Some people have one day rest but for others we have two. Good thing I work with two rest days which happen every Saturday and Sunday. I need to come up with a climbing activity ...

  • Manabu Peak Mataas Na Bundok

    Manabu Peak Mataas Na Bundok

    Manabu Peak is one of the more popular minor climbs that is relevantly close to Metro Manila. Most enjoy its dense forest cover, the interesting flora and fauna within its range, and the wonderful views that it offers. Of course, who would ever forget the free civet coffee of Mang Tino and Mang Pirying. There are really a lot of reasons that climbers continue to flock and climb Manabu.

    Arriving at the trail head, we changed gears and prepared to climb. Holding the seedling that we purchased at the registration area in one, we were so eager to trailblaze again.

    The initial part of the tra ...