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  • Mt Daguldol And Laiya

    Mt Daguldol And Laiya

    Yes to a tandem weekend of hiking and hitting the beach!

    On a fine, sunny Saturday, we went to Batangas with the intention of hiking the less popular Mt. Hugom, but the Barangay office informed us that it has apparently been closed to the public indefinitely because someone already owns the property (whut). So we ascended Mt. Daguldol (672 masl) instead. It's all uphills and forests, and the terrain hardly has "lost in nature" feels because there are many locals (offering shade! and halo halo!) living along the trail. The summit is a rolling hill that has a bit of a view of the blue sea, wh ...

  • Mount Daguldol A Summit To Sea Experience

    Mount Daguldol A Summit To Sea Experience

    Itching to hike on a busy work week. me and my friend went a on summit to sea adventure to the coastal part of San Juan, Batangas and hiked the not so popular peak of Mt. Daguldol in Brgy. Hugom. It's a two to three hours travel from Manila with various transfers to different types of vehicles.

    We rode a bus bound to San Juan, Batangas from Alps Bus Terminal Buendia station. On a weekend, they usually leave at around 3AM but because it's at the middle of the work week, there are few passengers going to San Juan so the bus left the station at 4AM. It's a 2-hour bus ride from Buendia to San J ...

  • Laiya Batangas And Bato Springs Travel Experience

    Please watch our Laiya Beach x Bato Springs Travel Adventure. Sama kayo sa adventure. If magustuhan, Pusuan. Share. Salamat!

    Accent ng Aso. Tahoooo. White Sand. Batangas. Tent. RoadTrip. Expressway. Tollgate. All Boys. Nagpigil ng feelings si Zy. Starfish. Dive. Wave. Falls. Springs. Stabilizer. Math Major. Super Science. Photo Master. DJ Zy Sad. Vape Man. Jepoy Starter Kit. Innova Villa. Along The Way.

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  • Date Ride To Laiya Plus Laguna Side-Trip

    Date Ride To Laiya Plus Laguna Side-Trip

    Laiya in San Juan, Batangas is probably one of the most popular weekend beach destinations near the metro. I've been here several times before usually for day trips with friends and family. It may not have the best beach and coastline, but it's a pretty memorable place for me since this is where Art and I got married. We actually had a Survivor / Amazing Race-themed beach wedding in Palm Beach Resorts.

    If you're traveling by car from Metro Manila, getting to Laiya here usually takes about 3-4 hours (depending on the traffic). We had to attend another beach wedding there on Valentine's weeke ...

  • Hiked To Mt Hugom

    Hiked To Mt Hugom

    This weekend, I was invited to a fun climb by my legit mountaineer friend and her legit mountaineering group. It was going to be a dayhike up one of the mountains in San Juan, Batangas followed by an overnight at the beach. Having no tent to call my own, I was having doubts if I can do an overnight escapade, but my friend assured that they will take good care of me. With no more doubts and because the mountains are calling, I confirmed my attendance to climb Mt. Hugom.

    It's been a while since I spent the night away from civilization so I was at a loss at what to pack. Then I just said bahal ...

  • Fun Climb At Mt Hugom San Juan Batangas

    Fun Climb At Mt Hugom San Juan Batangas

    So the previous weekend was my first fun climb with Utrek! i was looking forward to a chill and fun climb but none of that happened :))) but with good friends, majestic sceneries and beaches, everything just seemed perfect.

    So read on below about the fun on our climb at Mt. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas!

    Okay! so this climb is our batch's first organized event since getting inducted. tho we were already informed that we need to organize a fun climb for this year, we haven't really finalized where or when it will be. but then the officers told us that we need to do it the past long weekend, w ...