Mount Macolod

Cuenca, Batangas

Mount Macolod (also called Mount Makulot or Mount Maculot) is a mountain located in the town of Cuenca in Batangas province, in the Philippines. This mountain is popular among mountain climbers and campers; it is the major tourist attraction of the municipality.[2]

The mountain is about 947 m tall and is also located adjacent to Taal Lake. Mount Makulot and its 700-metre high volcan ...

ic rock wall called The Rockies, is said to be part of Taal Caldera's crater rim.

Based on studies on Taal, it is believed that an ancient Taal Cone was formed by buildup of large volume dacitic pyroclastic materials more than 140,000 years ago. Several major catastrophic eruptions probably between 27,000 to 5,000 years ago destroyed this greater Taal Cone and ultimately formed the 25-by-30-kilometre wide depression now known as Taal Caldera. This depression was filled by water, thus forming a lake. The younger Volcano Island was formed by numerous explosive hydrovolcanic eruptions in the middle of the lake after the collapse.

The slopes of the previous volcano now formed ridges surrounding the lake. Mount Macolod is not only a volcanic cone on the south side but also the highest caldera rim of the former Taal Cone. Tagaytay Ridge, to the north, is the northern rim of the caldera with Mount Sungay its highest elevation.

Mount Macolod or Mt Makulot or Maculot News

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    In this episode, Drew Arellano visits a world class tourist destination in the Philippines - Batangas! Here, our favorite Biyahero explores Mt. Maculot and checks out the DV Boer Farm for a taste of their famous "Angas Beef." To finish his trip, Drew dives into the protected waters of Calatagan to see the underground pyramids that are home to some marine animals.

  • Mt Maculot Rockies Summit And Grotto

    Mt Maculot Rockies Summit And Grotto

    Well known for being a hiking spot in Batangas, Mt Maculot is one of the best places to view Taal Lake. Just 2 hours away from Manila, the mountain can be the perfect weekend getaway when you just want to explore, go on an adventure, connect with Mother Nature or unwind. Having a peak of 930 meters above sea level, the mountain has a 5/10 difficulty in hiking, but any fit individual can finish the trek. Maximum time to complete the traverse trail is 5 to 6 hours.

  • Mt. Maculot 2018 The Ultimate Guide For First-Timers

    Mt. Maculot 2018 The Ultimate Guide For First-Timers

    Mt. Maculot (930 MASL) is located in Cuenca, Batangas, famous destination for hikers at all levels. With 4/9 difficulty level, this mountain is perfect for a day hike adventure that offers an impressive view of Taal Lake.

  • Mt Maculot Rockies, Cuenca Batangas Philippines 2017

    I spent the weekend climbing Mt. Maculot in Batangas, Philippines with one of my officemates, Kim. The trail was short but surely challenging with steep and muddy terrains. At some point, you will be required to rappelling down and transfer to another rope in mid-way. Check the weather before you go since view from Rockies point might be covered by fog. Overall, it was quite a fun experience. Cheers!

  • Wanderful Day Hike Mount Maculot Cuenca Batangas Philippines

    MARCH 5, 2017? I was invited to join a day hike organized by my old outdoor adventure buddy, Sherwin de Jesus. He was bringing his two teenage sons and a grown up nephew to Mount Maculot. So it was to be a family hike, and I was the adopted eldest son.

    This was my third day hike for the year. The first was in Batulao with Marie and her PEPSICO colleagues in January. The second was also with Sherwin just a month ago, when we finally put a "period" to our previously long unfinished business to reach Peak 2 of Makiling.

    All the mountaineering websites and blogs label Maculot as a minor (i. ...

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    Cuenca Batangas The Rockies Of Mt Maculot

    Diane, a former coworker, asked if I wanted to trek again shortly after I posted the pictures from our last month's climb on Mt. Balagbag on Facebook. At that time, I didn't have anything else yet on my plate, so I said yes. And after some planning that saw us consider Mt. Ulap in Benguet and, briefly, Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas, we settle on Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, also in Batangas.

    Mt. Maculot has been a known hiking destination with mountaineers for years now, though as trekking becomes a more favored past time among young professionals these days, it has become more popular. The po ...