Mt Lobo

Lobo, Batangas

When reaching the summit, you really appreciate why the mountain called as Mt. Lobo. The word "Lobo" a tagalog translation of 'wolf". It was been originated in the inhabitants a decade ago, also a town's name "lolobos". The town cradles two known climbing destinations: Mt. Lobo and the Mt. Banoi.

Mt. Banoi was seen firstly while approaching the Nagtaluntong river. But of course, t ...

he view in the summit relaxes all your muscles, especially your ocular muscles, that is truly why, no wonders can give a better relaxing than in a green-green nature.

Mount Lobo News

  • Batangas groups call for mining ban

    Batangas groups call for mining ban

    Environmental groups and thousands of residents of Batangas called on the local government to ban large-scale mining in the province, as they gathered to protest the entry of the Mindoro Resources Limited-Egerton Gold Philippines (MRL-Egerton) in Lobo town.

    "The endorsement of Lobo government officials for the MRL-Egerton mining project should be revoked and reversed to protect Lobo's lives, livelihood, and environment," said Peti Enriquez, secretary general of Bukluran para sa Inang Kalikasan (Bukal-Batangas), at the gathering at the Lobo town center on June 29.

    Bukal-Batangas, along wi ...

  • Spare Lobo from destruction

    Spare Lobo from destruction

    I have written a number of articles in this column about Lobo, that municipality in Batangas, with long stretches of beautiful beaches, pristine waters and forests that are still home to monkeys, exotic birds, geckos, and other wild animals. And yes, I have said too that Lobo fronts the Verde Island Passage which is the northernmost tip of the center of the world's marine biodiversity??"now declared a protected area by the government. Lobo, as its residents always believed, is first and foremost, a paradise for the Filipino people and the world to appreciate and enjoy.

    What many do not know ...

  • Mountain Hopping in Benguet

    Mountain Hopping in Benguet

    From mountains, caves, waterfalls, vegetable gardens, and historic attractions, Benguet ??" the rose of the northern mountains and the Salad Bowl of the Philippines ??" offers unforgettable experiential tourism to local and foreign visitors.

    If there is island hopping in other pla-ces, then mountain hopping would be very much applicable in Benguet. Take for instance in Bakun, which has three mountains called Bakun Trio, wherein one would have to trek Mt. Kabunian, Mt. Tenglawan, and Mt. Lobo. Most tourists prefer this since it offers the experience of passing through old Spanish trails, ch ...

  • Mount Lobo AMCI 2014 TC1 Recon Climb

    Mt. Lobo, Batangas (Nagpatong and Bangkalan Peaks), AMCI Mountaineering Club, Inc. 2014 BMC TC1 Recon Climb, June 7-8, 2014

  • Our Overnight Hike Mt Lobo

    Our Overnight Hike Mt Lobo

    "Don't Change the mountain, Let the Mountain Change You"
    This is not my first climb, but indeed this is my first ever blog about a certain climb.

    Our team had a hike at Mt. Lobo dated March 16-17, 2013. Though I am familiar with the place coz we have a housse in Lobo, Batangas, I dont have any idea of the said mountain. So, even my schedule is really fully packed for that weekend, I still pushed through with the said climb.

    At first, the plan was to make it a day hike and reach the summit before sunset. But due to requests (Im one of them), the dayhike became a night climb.

    Around 3p ...

  • DENR EMB Mining Investigation in Taysan Lacking in Transparency Independence and Objectivity

    DENR EMB Mining Investigation in Taysan Lacking in Transparency Independence and Objectivity

    Members of Bukluran para sa Inang Kalikasan (BUKAL), an anti-mining environmental group in Batangas cried out for the lack of genuine transparency, independence and objectivity of the ongoing DENR-EMB investigation team, headed by Ms. Cora Ferrer, and dispatched in Taysan starting today till January 25, 2013, as the said investigation fails to honor the commitment expressed, and agreed upon in a meeting with them dated October 25, 2012. Pertaining to this, and based on BUKAL's own documentation of the meeting it was agreed that BUKAL and other organizations present in the meeting will receive ...