Mount Gulugod Baboy or Mount Pinagbanderahan

Mabini, Batangas

Located in Southern Batangas, the peninsula known for its diving resorts in Anilao. Mt. Gulugod-Baboy provides outdoor enthusiasts a sidetrip from their diving escapades and is now a popular hiking destination. There are three peaks on the range and the third has a large, ancient tree known to hikers as the Gulugod-Baboy. From southeast to northwest, there is Gulugod-Baboy, Gitna and Pinagbanderah ...


Technically, Mt.Gulugod-Baboy is a sea and summit climb,as there will be a side trip after the hike which is Sumbrero Island. Also, during the climb, bear in mind that you will pass by a private property so proper decorum must be observed. There are dogs also around the area so be careful.

At the peak, you will be mesmerized by the Janao Bay, Maribacan strait, a faint outline of distant Mindoro, Verde Island and Batangas Bay. Other exceptional scenery like the ountains of Lobo, Mt. Pinamucan, Mt. Maculot, Mt. Batulao, the city and port of Batangas and Tagaytay highlands. It is a surefire destination for divers and hikers alike.

Mount Gulugod Baboy or Mount Pinagbanderahan News

  • Mt Gulugod Baboy: Day Hike And Swimming In Batangas Travel Guide

    Mt Gulugod Baboy: Day Hike And Swimming In Batangas Travel Guide

    Ive been wanting to hike Mt. Gulugod Baboy for quite some time. I dont know maybe just by the sound of this mountains name, I instantly felt the connection. Hahaha!

  • Mt Gulugod Baboy Overnight Hike

    Mt Gulugod Baboy Overnight Hike

    Mount Pinagbanderahan or widely known as Mount Gulugod Baboy is a hidden paradise of Southern Batangas that is only three hours away from Manila and features the scenic views of Batangas and Balayan Bay, magnificent rolling hills and a beautiful grassland. This mountain stands 525 meters above sea level and takes at least an hour of trek to reach its peak.

  • Mt Pinagbandirahan Gulugod Baboy

    Mt Pinagbandirahan Gulugod Baboy

    Located in the town of Mabini in Batangas, which is known for the diving resorts in Anilao. Mt. Gulugod-Baboy is a favorite hiking destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to it's proximity from Manila and the picturesque view that it offers, making it a sea and summit climb. There are three peaks on the range and the third has a large tree known to hikers as the Gulugod-Baboy. Thus, each peak is named as "Gulugod-Baboy", "Gitna" and "Pinagbanderahan". It has an altitude of 1722 ft. above sea level and has a total of almost 1400 ft elevation gain from the jump off point.

  • Mt Gulugod Baboy

    Mt Gulugod Baboy

    One of my backlogs are all my hiking experience. My hike to Gulugod Baboy was part of my month long birthday celebration last year. And it was extra special because I climbed it with my best friends. You see I don't have a lot of friends, what I have is a bunch of best friends who I truly trust with my life.

  • Mt Gulugod Baboy Hiking

    Mt Gulugod Baboy Hiking

    Here I am again with no travel guide.

    I feel like there are already too many guides for Mt. Pinagbanderahan aka Mt. Gulugod Baboy. Besides, it has been more than two months since we hiked up this mountain with Filipina Explorer and her daughter Lia (who can also pass as my daughter, mind you). So, just like that entry about Mt. Arayat, here are photos taken during our climb to Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Mabini, Batangas.

  • Mt Gulugod Baboy Dayhike

    Mt Gulugod Baboy Dayhike

    As trekking and hiking become popular to the millenials, some of the companies created trekking and hiking clubs for employees to enjoy and socialize. Last month, our company trekking club hiked to Mt. Gulugod Baboy which is located in southern Batangas, specifically in Anilao where most scuba diving activities are done. It is actually a well-known diving site in the country and Mt. Gulugod Baboy is a famous side trip.


    Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
    Jump-off point: Philpan Dive Resort, Anilao, Mabini
    LLA: 13°42'55″N; 120°53'43″E; 525 MASL
    Days req ...