Mount Daguldol

San Juan, Batangas

Mount Daguldol is within the vicinity of the town of San Juan in Batangas. Normally it will take you around 3 hours to reach the jump off point Barrio Hugom by private vehicle.

The site has been a favorite trekking location of mountaineers. Although quite new to other hikers, it was discovered by the University of the Philippines Mountaineers in the 1990's.

The trail ...

is man made by the locals of San Juan, Batangas and was worked out to be trekking destination.

Mount Daguldol News

  • Mt Daguldol And Laiya

    Mt Daguldol And Laiya

    Yes to a tandem weekend of hiking and hitting the beach!

    On a fine, sunny Saturday, we went to Batangas with the intention of hiking the less popular Mt. Hugom, but the Barangay office informed us that it has apparently been closed to the public indefinitely because someone already owns the property (whut). So we ascended Mt. Daguldol (672 masl) instead. It's all uphills and forests, and the terrain hardly has "lost in nature" feels because there are many locals (offering shade! and halo halo!) living along the trail. The summit is a rolling hill that has a bit of a view of the blue sea, wh ...

  • Mount Daguldol A Summit To Sea Experience

    Mount Daguldol A Summit To Sea Experience

    Itching to hike on a busy work week. me and my friend went a on summit to sea adventure to the coastal part of San Juan, Batangas and hiked the not so popular peak of Mt. Daguldol in Brgy. Hugom. It's a two to three hours travel from Manila with various transfers to different types of vehicles.

    We rode a bus bound to San Juan, Batangas from Alps Bus Terminal Buendia station. On a weekend, they usually leave at around 3AM but because it's at the middle of the work week, there are few passengers going to San Juan so the bus left the station at 4AM. It's a 2-hour bus ride from Buendia to San J ...

  • Summit To Sea

    Summit To Sea

    On December 25, 2015, I had the opportunity to go back to Metro Manila and wanted to take a hike. So around 5pm that day, my friend and I decided to meet up the next day at 4am to hike Mt. Daguldul.

    How to get there

    1. Take a bus from Cubao going to San Juan (Alps).
    2. Tricycle from San Juan to jump off. We rode with some people, I think we paid PHP100 per head, and there were five of us.
    3. To go back, we had to take a tricycle from jump off to Candelaria. We paid PHP500 for the ride, then took the bus to Cubao.

    Quick Tips

    • We went to the station around 4am, and the bus left ...

  • Hike For Beginners To Mt Daguldol

    Hike For Beginners To Mt Daguldol

    Mount Daguldol is located in San Juan, Batangas. This is a nice hike especially for beginners. Hikers may experience different types of landscapes as they enter the mountain. Starting off with the beachfront, the trail will eventually enter forested areas and grassy slopes. From the beach, the trek already gives a nice view of several rock formations. Aside from these, there are also several campsites and viewpoints that you may opt to explore. There are a lot of small stores and resting areas where you can buy snacks and drinks to refresh yourself in the middle of the hike. Choose wisely wher ...

  • The Mount Daguldol Of San Juan Batangas

    Our climb to Mount Daguldol located in San Juan, Batangas. Video taken last February 27, 2016.

  • Hiking On Mt Daguldol The Summit Of The Gods

    Hiking On Mt Daguldol The Summit Of The Gods

    Mt. Daguldol is situated in Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines. This mountain is one of the assets of the province, in terms of mountain ranges with gorgeous beaches on the sides. This mountain is perfect for the first time hiker because the trail is simple to moderate, but the beauty on the summit was remarkably beautiful.

    Since we arrived in Batangas at around 7PM, after the registration, we proceeded to one of the beach resorts in Brgy. Hugom and opted to camp by the beach, instead of having a fully air conditioned room. Prepared our dinner while having our socials. We rested e ...