Marian Orchard

Balete, Batangas

Marian Orchard is a haven of artistry that provides either the casual adventurer or devout pilgrim with tranquility and peace of mind amidst the natural beauty of the province of Batangas. Located in Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Batangas, the orchard is run by the Cristopolis Foundation Inc. Before you reach Balete town proper, you are sure to pass by this orchard. This place is just a twenty-minute ...

drive from Lipa City San Sebastian Cathedral.

One of the highlights in this orchard is the Sacred Heart Tower, which is a replica of Brazil's Christ the Redeemer. When you climb on the tower, you can get a view of Taal Volcano. Anyone can enjoy the various attractions in this place, especially during the Holy week.

At the top of the list is the Stations of the Cross??"a winding trail that also features prayer sheds for the faithful. Located within the same area is the so-called Meditation Garden??"a three hectare site that easily reminds one of Baguio's scenery because of the towering pine trees that were planted in the area. Here, concrete benches are provided for those who seek serenity and privacy amidst the scent of pines.

Another notable area is the Plaza of Apostles which ultimately ends at the steps of the domed chapel of Our Lady of Mediatrix. It is lined with statuary of angels and saints, bordered by manicured lawns and flower beds.

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  • The Marian Orchard Pilgrimage Site In Batangas With Photos And How To Get There

    The Marian Orchard Pilgrimage Site In Batangas With Photos And How To Get There

    Looking for a lovely and peaceful place to pray and reflect near Metro Manila? The Marian Orchard is a pilgrimage site located in Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Batangas. It is a spiritual sanctuary frequented by Marian devotees and pilgrims visiting the province of Batangas. It is serene oasis that promotes the Catholic religion faith and Marian devotion to further strengthen our connection with our creator.

  • Batangas Marian Orchard

    Batangas Marian Orchard

    About two hours away from Manila is a prayer park set amidst sprawling land reminiscent of European Gardens. With the Sacred Heart Tower and Church as its centerpiece, surrounded by picture-perfect sights such as Two Hearts Promenade, Garden Steps, Via Crucis Garden, Meditation Gardens and Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Prayer Hall, among others, this place will provide relaxation for the eyes and respite for the weary souls.

  • Marian Orchard Balete Batangas

    Marian Orchard Balete Batangas

    As part of our Lima Park Hotel review we're thrilled to have Marian Orchard trip included on our tour package. I have covered resembling sites who knows how many times and I always end up enjoying it, the best I had for instance was Villa Elma that gathered 23K shares in facebook and still counting. Well, I'm not into spiritual kind of stuff, I just thought this experience was the best token to recalibrate myself. Heading straight to our main subject, let's talk about this faith based day trip at Marian Orchard.

  • Batangas Development Summit 2017 Highlights Rich And Dynamic Batangas

    Batangas Development Summit 2017 Highlights Rich And Dynamic Batangas

    Everybody can be rich in Batangas", said Batangas Gov.-elect Hermilando Mandanas during the Batangas Development Summit (BDS) on January 27.

    Spearheaded by First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities, this year's BDS was held at the Lima Park Hotel and gathered 500 luminaries from the business, government and academic sectors. Each imparted vital insights on appreciation for and creating life-changing improvements in Batangas.

    Themed "Rich Batangas", the event explored the wealth, potentials and developments in Batangas's business, economic, social and tourism industries.

    Among ...

  • Travels for the soul 3 options for you

    Travels for the soul 3 options for you

    There is a kind of demand that shoots up during Lent, and it goes beyond the tangible and consumable: the nourishment of souls.

    This demand drives pilgrimages. And those behind them have been innovating over time to see pilgrims make progress in their faith journey.

    Three organizers say that if they can provide the spiritual handle, they can also infuse themes such as heritage and the environment to enrich the journey for others.

    These are Green Faith Travels, the Marian Orchard, and the Lima Park Hotel via Bisikleta Iglesia.

    Green retreats
    Green Faith Travels is the 3-man team of ...

  • Reflection and redemption at the Marian Orchard

    Reflection and redemption at the Marian Orchard

    The Lenten Season is a call to reflection, and the faithful looking for a pilgrimage site that is away from the throve of tourists can find serenity at a prayer park in Batangas.

    The Marian Orchard, a sprawling Catholic complex which is now more than two decades old, is located in the municipality of Balete, right before the pilgrimage city of Lipa. It is only an hour and half drive away from Manila. Yet, despite its proximity to Manila and other cities, it has been kept hidden from mass tourism, making it a real oasis for those looking for quiet contemplation's.

    The complex is a testam ...