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  • Scuba Diving In Ligpo Island Bauan Batangas

    Scuba Diving In Ligpo Island Bauan Batangas

    Ever since I started traveling, Scuba Diving has always been part of my bucket list. I've been dreaming to experience this activity for years already. However, my fearful soul won't let me try it. Well it's because I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO SWIM. I enrolled to several swimming lessons though, but lol I still can't swim on waters.

    So yeah, I was afraid to go deep under the sea.

    THANKFULLY (caps lock para intense), there's this group on facebook who offers intro dive to everyone, including those who 101% can't swim.

    Check out Scuba Buddies PH, my scuba diving-life saver!!

    Having discove ...

  • Lemery Holds Tinapahan Festival

    While activists and laborers trooped to Liwasang Bonifacio for their annual rally and demonstration on sweltering Labor Day, the people of Lemery, a hundred or so kilometers south, were dancing on the streets, celebrating the humble tinapa the smoked fish that
    has fed a multitude of peasants and laborers.

    But tinapa is no longer a poor man's viand, it is now enjoyed by all, especially for breakfast with sinangag (fried garlic rice) and a simple side dish of diced tomatoes and onions. Tinapa could be any fish galunggong (scud fish), bangus (milkfish), tilapia (St. Peter's fish), etc. as ...

  • Tinapa Festival Lemery Batangas

    Tinapa Festival Lemery Batangas

    Every 14th of May, the people of Lemery Batangas is celebrating their very own "Tinapa Festival". They dance in the streets in celebration of the feast of the humble smoked fish called the tinapa that fed multitude of peasants and laborers. It is a a three-day affair that showcases a trade fair of agro-industrial products, lectures about livestock raising and food processing, and food demo competition.

    The event is held every year to promote the local tinapa industry as well as to boost local tourism industry.

    Fishing season in Lemery starts from November to May. Bountiful catch of tulin ...