Cape Santiago Lighthouse

Calatagan, Batangas

Cape Santiago Lighthouse, also called Punta de Santiago Lighthouse, is the southwestern point of the island of Luzon located within the municipality of Calatagan in Batangas, Philippines. It is a cape at the southern tip of Santiago Peninsula which faces the South China Sea to the west and Pagapas Bay, an arm of Balayan Bay, to the east. The cape has been the site of a navigational aid since the 1 ...


The area surrounding the lighthouse was slated for a resort development but did not materialize after its developer, the Resort Association of the Philippines, Inc. owned by former Batangas governor Antonio Leviste, was found in violation of environmental laws when it reclaimed some 9,000 square meters of sea area adjacent to the lighthouse. In October 2007, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary proposed to adopt and restore the lighthouse as its headquarters.

Cape Santiago Lighthouse or Punta de Santiago News

  • Tourism Clusters Of Rich Batangas

    Tourism Clusters Of Rich Batangas

    In a tourism summit last year, Gov. Hermilando Mandanas proposed to tweak the province's tourism pitch by inserting the word "rich," if only to capture its full offering.

    "Batangas, after all, is naturally rich," said Sylvia Marasigan, provincial tourism officer .

    Abustling industrial hub on the outskirts of Metro Manila, the province is also home to natural wonders mountains and ridges, farms, diving spots, beaches, and the famed Taal, an active volcano in the middle of the lake.

    "So we came up with "rich Batangas," Marasigan said. "But [the] problem was how do we explain it [to tour ...

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    The Province of Batangas is an awesome road trip destination near Metro Manila. Only 1.5 to 2-hour drive south of Metro Manila, Batangas offers an array of tourist spots and attractions, exciting activities and amazing things to do that families, friends, and adventure junkies will surely enjoy!

    Being half Batangue?o, I consider Batangas as my second home. When I was young, summers won't be complete without having a vacation at my grandparents' house in Lipa City. Growing up and even until today, Batangas would always be a top choice for me whenever I want to have a quick weekend getaway.

  • The Captivating Lighthouse of Calatagan

    The Captivating Lighthouse of Calatagan

    Calatagan is a municipality in Batangas. The place is popular for its white sand beaches and several beach resorts which include the art-filled guest house called 'Banak House Calatagan' and the Ronco Beach Resort. These are just some of the well-known tourist destination that offers relaxation and tranquility.

    It's amazing how Calatagan has constantly evolved into a great tourist destination. It has all the elements that a tourist wants in their perfect beach getaway: shallow waters, rich biodiversity and a fascinating terrain. Cape Santiago is just one of the havens that a tourist would ...

  • Cape Santiago

    Cape Santiago

    What started as a department activity in our company became an eye opener to a national landmark of historical significance. Upon learning much about Cape Santiago Lighthouse, our maiden lighthouse adventure proved to be a worthy trip for all of us who saw a real lighthouse for the first time. Blessed that day with an amiable.

    weather and clear, blue sky, the vista of Balayan Bay where

    the lighthouse is located offered a breath-taking view adding to our excitement ??" a refreshing experience for urban dwellers like us.

    Cape Santiago Lighthouse of the Philippines, also known as

    Pu ...

  • Cape Santiago Lighthouse Punta de Santiago Lighthouse in Calatagan Batangas

    Cape Santiago Lighthouse Punta de Santiago Lighthouse in Calatagan Batangas

    Normally, I do not feature or write about lighthouse in my blog.

    I mean it is a lighthouse and it will remain to be one.

    But after chatting with my previous student (Ms. Sheenah Tan) about the grandeur and the significance of lighthouses in the Philippines, I was a bit dumbfounded.

    It caught me a bit. The notion of writing about lighthouses. Hmmm...

    Yes! I have seen so many lighthouses in the Philippines.

    The 3 lighthouses in Batanes, the Burgos lighthouse, lighthouses in Visayas, and Mindanao. And after a while I thought of featuring this one, just this one.. or maybe the ne ...

  • Historical lighthouse in Calatagan needs rehabilitation

    Historical lighthouse in Calatagan needs rehabilitation

    In the early days of maritime travel, the lighthouse of Cape Santiago safely guided international shipping vessels crossing the Verde Island Passage, San Bernardino Strait and Manila Bay.

    Also known as the Faro de Punta Santiago, the 51-foot tower on a cliff was established by the Spanish authorities in the 1890s, which modeled it after the medieval castles in Europe.

    Old-timers believe that Cape Santiago was used by the Japanese during World War II. It had an underground tunnel that led straight to the sea.

    Made of bricks and lime cement, the red structure has withstood earthquakes, ...