Burot Beach

Calatagan, Batangas

Burot Beach was known by the name Elizalde Beach (owned by Elizalde Family) located in Calatagan, Bohol, until it was bought by SM and was opened for public until deemed appropriate by SM Corporation discretion. The beach is a relatively calm and peaceful place. It's remote and entirely undeveloped with hardly any amenities save a few outhouses constructed from bamboo.

Burot Beach News

  • Quick Beach Fix To Calatagan Batangas

    Quick Beach Fix To Calatagan Batangas

    A random invite from photographer friends to shoot nature or landscape. I just can't say no to them I had no choice but to go. First plan is to visit Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan Laguna but I insisted to go to the beach instead. Since it's already eight thirty in the morning the nearest beach for a day tour is Batangas. What we had in mind was Burot Beach so we decided to go the van terminal going to Calatagan, the fare is P180 each. It was a three hour road trip, arrived there almost lunch time. We ordered lasagna, fries and flavored fruit shake.

    We then proceed to the tricycle terminal and in ...

  • Burot Sandbars

    Burot Sandbars

    Burot beach has four camping grounds, each with a swimming area.

    It also has sandbars that are only a few minutes of boat ride from the shore.

    The advantage of island hopping in the area is, you get to swim without the sea grasses, which are abundant in the said swimming areas.

    You can stay in one of the sandbars until sunset, which in Burot is a breathtaking burst of skylights.

    Here are some photos from my friend's first visit and from our's before it was closed for commercialization. Yes, Burot Beach is now being developed as a private resort.

    There are months when the sandbar ...

  • Burot Beach And Its Gorgeous Sunset

    Burot Beach And Its Gorgeous Sunset

    Looking for a place to relax and at the same time wants to experience adventure? Burot Beach is the perfect place for you. It is situated in the Municipality of Calatagan, Batangas ??" just few hours travel from Metro Manila. It is another spot that this province can be proud of. History: Burot Beach was formerly known as Elizalde Beach, because it was previously owned by Elizalde family - a wealthy clan in the Philippines and then bought by the SM Group of Companies. Today, it is privately owned by the SM Group and still open to public.

    Our weekend adventure was challenge; original plan wa ...

  • Burot Beach Of Calatagan Batangas

    Burot Beach Of Calatagan Batangas

    Burot beach is a cove located in a secluded area in Calatagan, Batangas. The entrance going to the beach is along the bushes, trees and dirt road. There are signage along the area after the main road. The cove is connected the mainland by a narrow dirt road.

    You will find a guard house before going inside and he will ask you for an entrance fee and to sign a paper which I didn't quite read except that they are not responsible for anything that will happen to you inside. It was said that it was already acquired by SM Group of Companies. But as of the time of writing, no construction has been ...

  • Matabungkay Beach

    Matabungkay Beach

    Since our sem is now finally over, I and my friends decided to go to a beach, where we can unwind before our practicum starts in June. So, we left UP at around 3 in the morning and headed to our destination which is Batangas! It was very foggy that morning and we decided to have breakfast first at Sinangag Express in Tagaytay City.

    We ordered different SiLog (Sinangag-Itlog) Meals which are very popular here in the Philippines. I had Tosilog (Tocino-Sinangag-Itlog) but wasn't very satisfied about it because their tocino is too sweet for my taste buds.

    Our first stop was at Matabungkay Be ...

  • Burot Beach DIY Travel Guide Things To Do How To Get There Where To Stay Expenses Tips Reminders And More

    Burot Beach DIY Travel Guide Things To Do How To Get There Where To Stay Expenses Tips Reminders And More

    Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas is one of the most popular beaches near Metro Manila. A favorite among weekenders and backpackers, the burot beach is often crowded during weekends, long weekends and holidays. It is best to know when to visit Burot Beach and plan your trip ahead. With this, let me share to you this Burot Beach DIY Travel Guide that will provide you with information on how to get there from Manila, things to do, where to stay, budget & expenses, travel tips, reminders and more!

    How to Get to Burot Beach?

    Via Public Bus: Take Celyrosa Bus going to Calatagan along Pasay Ro ...