Ambon-ambon Falls

Laurel, Batangas

Ambon-ambon Falls is located in Laurel, Batangas. It is approximately 60 meters high and beautiful place hugged by lush greenery and rock cliffs almost reaching to the skies.

Ambon-ambon Falls Batangas News

  • Ambon Ambon Falls Laurel Batangas Hidden Gem For Nature Lovers

    Ambon Ambon Falls Laurel Batangas Hidden Gem For Nature Lovers

    Ambon-Ambon Falls (Ambun-ambun Falls) is located somewhere in Brgy Paliparan/San Gabriel, Laurel, Batangas.

    Trekking to the location is very safe which averagely takes 20-30 minutes on foot. It will be best to contact a tour guide from the Municipal Hall or from the Barangay so you won't get lost along the trail.

    The name of the magnificent Ambon-Ambon Falls came about from the shower of water droplets even before you reach the actual falls. Its name literally means 'drizzle' or 'light rain'.

    With an estimated height of 60 meters (in three levels of sharp rocks, crisscrossing their wa ...

  • The Twin Falls Of Laurel Batangas

    The Twin Falls Of Laurel Batangas

    Far in the land of crater lakes and balisong, the town of Laurel in the province of Batangas keeps a duo of natural wonders mostly known only to its residents. The twin falls of Ambon-ambon and Malagaslas provide an attractive alternative for those who are looking to beat the intense summer heat. It's also great to pair it with a trip to nearby Tagaytay or Taal Lake, adding a bit more adventurous spin to an otherwise laid-back excursion.

    The falls are located on separate sides of a forest cover in Brgy. San Gabriel. From the jump-off in Sitio Salipit, each falls can be reached in more or le ...

  • Ambon Ambon Falls San Gabriel Laurel Batangas

    Its name literally means 'drizzle' or 'light rain'; a waterfall christened as such would have to be very tall to evoke such an effect.

  • Ambon Ambon Falls Just Another Offbeat Find

    Ambon Ambon Falls Just Another Offbeat Find

    By now, you should already know how I do. Hidden gems. Offbeat paths. Secret spots. I'm all about it. Never mind that I would go to any tourist hot spot with no problem, but I would prioritize the lesser known finds first. I would give up my bachelors in Nursing in a heartbeat if they ever come up with a profession for finding hidden gems. But until then, I'll keep doing it in my spare time.

    My constant love for the beach was struggling during the monsoon season. And because of that, I turned to hiking to keep me occupied. If the ocean is my lover, the mountain would be my mistress. But eve ...

  • Malagaslas Spring Ambon Ambon Falls Unplanned Travel

    Malagaslas Spring Ambon Ambon Falls Unplanned Travel

    I always wanted to travel and explore the beauty of nature that God provided us here on earth. I know for a fact that there's a possibility that humans or us(I'm not exempted) will not be able to see it in the future. So working and travelling? You can't really have both at the same time unless you're a traveller doing researches, archaeologist who looks for remains all over the world or whatever job and career it is that involves you to be outdoor with nature. I always day dream of going outside the country and travel the world, I guess I'm not brave enough yet to do it and besides Philippine ...

  • Ambon Ambon Falls Malagaslas Falls Laurel Batangas

    Ambon Ambon Falls Malagaslas Falls Laurel Batangas

    The province of Batangas boasts of a lot of tourist attractions ranging from historical structures, food, and natural wonders, such as mountains, islands, and waterfalls.

    Speaking of waterfalls, since it was still a rainy season, last July 29, 2014, my friends and I travelled to faraway Laurel, Batangas to witness two waterfalls, the Ambon-Ambon Falls and the Malagaslas Falls.

    Definitely overshadowed by more popular towns like Lipa, Nasugbu, Laiya, and Calatagan, Laurel is a third class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. Laurel was previously part of Talisay, its curr ...