Vayang Rolling Hills

Basco, Batanes

Vayang Rolling Hills is located in Basco, Batan Island, Batanes. The hills are also called as Vayang Ranch. The hills offer beautiful and stunning views of verdant grass and deep blue sea. The surroundings are covered with color green - the hills, trees, and grass.

The environment is very relaxing to the eyes; you can think and dream peacefully while looking at the clouds. The clou ...

ds have different shapes and sizes; the air is refreshing because of the cool breeze coming from the sea. You can also see some cows that are eating and dogs that are running. The place has a good weather and environment.

Vayang Rolling Hills News

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    Batanes DIY Trip For 5 Days And 4 Nights

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    Indulgence In Batanes

    Batanes is, in a nutshell, a haven of dramatic landscapes located at the tip archipelago of the northern most part of Luzon Philippines and a few miles from the south of Taiwan. To experience the jurassic cliffs and hills sculpted through time of this island leaves me breathless. Isolated from the rest of Luzon archipelago with minimal signal keeps the Ivatans (natives resident in Batanes) to live a simple life.