Sabtang Island

Sabtang, Batanes

Sabtang Island is a sixth class municipality in the province of Batanes, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it had a population of 1,465 people.

Sabtang is the southernmost island municipality of the Batanes island group which is composed primarily of Sabtang Island, as well as two nearby smaller and uninhabited islands: Ivuhos and Dequey.

The municipality is ...

known for its lighthouse and the old stone houses of the Ivatan villages of Chavayan and Savidug. Like Batan Island to the north, Sabtang also has a few Mission-style churches and white sand beaches.  Wiki

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  • Sabtang Island - Drone And Phone Batanes Philippines

    In the second of the Batanes Islands series, DJ and Don put on their life jackets and sail over to Sabtang island. During their short trip they manage a short hike, a look around a stone village and a lunch at the iconic arch at Morong beach.

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    The breathtaking scenes created entirely by nature will leave you in awe. Indeed Gods amazing creation

    Fall in love with the northernmost islands of the Philippines #Batanes

    A-mazing Adventures
    A-esthetic landscapes
    N-atural Beauty
    E-ndless and Timeless

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    Chavayan Community Vernacular Houses

    Sabtang is a municipality in the province of Batanes in the Cagayan Valley (Region II) of the Philippines. Sabtang is politically subdivided into 6 barangays. "Chavayan barangay" is one of that.

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    Batanes is probably the most beautiful place we visited while we were in the Philippines. We took the South Batan and Sabtang Island tours and rode motorcycles to explore North Batan. Definitely a bucket-list material!

    Batanes is the smallest province in the Philippines with virtually zero crime rate and zero trash. The Ivatan locals are the most friendliest and welcoming among Filipinos. All the views are breathtaking and I can't express how much it's worth seeing them in person because videos can't justify how beautiful Batanes really is.

    If you guys have any question, feel free to con ...

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    Aerial view of Batan Island and Sabtang Island.

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    Sabtang Island Old Procession Trail Chavayan To Sumnanga Traverse

    I was supposed to go to Itbayat but the weather have other plans. Boat trips to the island was suspended for the next few days due to inclement weather and erratic waves. Since I had a flexible itinerary, I decided to take a detour to Sabtang Island instead. The smallest island of Batanes municipality is popular to day trippers from Batan Island. Personally, I would rather spend a night here. No matter how familiar I am with this island, I know I can find something new to do. For one, I haven?t stayed in Chavayan village yet. Or better, try the Old Procession Trail from Chavayan to Sumnanga. I ...