Racuh a Payaman

Uyugan, Batanes

Rakuh a Payaman commonly known as Marlboro Country located in Uyugan, Batanes. It's one of the best views in Batanes, with cows and carabaos grazing, rolling hills, waves crashing on the shore, with a view of another quaint lighthouse built in the distinct Batanes style.

Racuh a Payaman or Marlboro Country News

  • Batanes Travel Guide: Where East Meets West

    Batanes Travel Guide: Where East Meets West

    Batanes, the smallest province of the Philippines, lies at the northernmost tip of the country about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan. Out of the 10 islands included in the Batanes group of islands, only 3 are inhabited, Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat. The smaller islets are Dequey, Siayan, Mabudis, Ibuhos, Diogo, North Island, and Y'ami. Because of its cool and windy weather, Batanes is also referred to as the Home of the Winds. It is also the place where the Pacific Ocean meets the West Philippine Sea so the water current is usually rough.

  • GSL Batanes Trip 2018

    The breathtaking scenes created entirely by nature will leave you in awe. Indeed Gods amazing creation

    Fall in love with the northernmost islands of the Philippines #Batanes

    A-mazing Adventures
    A-esthetic landscapes
    N-atural Beauty
    E-ndless and Timeless

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    Batanes Sample Itinerary, Tips, Contacts And Expenses For Solo Backpacking

    Batanes is considered the ultimate destination in the Philippines according to locals. We couldn't get enough of his incomparable beauty that this is actually our third Batanes blog review. Our previous DIY travel guides to Batanes are all designed for couples so this time we'll feature one brave soul who traveled to Batanes alone. Her name is April Esteban. She has given me the blessing to share her photos, tips, contact persons and everything you need to know to help you prepare that trip there.

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    5 Reasons Why Batanes LGU Deserves A Round Of Applause

    Batanes is the dream destination for almost all Filipino travellers. The amazing landscape and spectacular view is a match made in heaven.

  • Batanes Beautiful Beyond Words

    Batanes Beautiful Beyond Words

    From the lush hills of Vayang to the boulder beach of Valugan to the century-old cobblestone-walled houses in San Jose Ivana, the northernmost island of the Philippines remains to be a dream travel destination for many.

  • Breathtaking Batanes In 4K, The Ireland Of The Philippines

    Breathtaking Batanes - The Ireland of the Philippines

    Location: Batanes, Philippines (Northernmost part of the Philippines)

    Points of Interest:
    01. Basco Lighthouse
    02. Vayang Rolling Hills
    03. Valugan Boulder Beach
    04. Marlboro Country (Racuh A Payaman)
    05. Chamantad - Tinyan Viewpoint
    06. Tayid Lighthouse - Mahatao
    07. Naidi Hills
    08. Morong Beach / Nakabuang Beach
    09. Mount Iraya
    10. Chavayan Village
    11. Imnajbu Point
    12. Honesty Coffee Shop
    13. Homoron Blue Lagoon
    14. Man-made Spring / Infinity Pool / Fountain of Youth

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