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  • Breathtaking Batanes In 4K, The Ireland Of The Philippines

    Breathtaking Batanes - The Ireland of the Philippines

    Location: Batanes, Philippines (Northernmost part of the Philippines)

    Points of Interest:
    01. Basco Lighthouse
    02. Vayang Rolling Hills
    03. Valugan Boulder Beach
    04. Marlboro Country (Racuh A Payaman)
    05. Chamantad - Tinyan Viewpoint
    06. Tayid Lighthouse - Mahatao
    07. Naidi Hills
    08. Morong Beach / Nakabuang Beach
    09. Mount Iraya
    10. Chavayan Village
    11. Imnajbu Point
    12. Honesty Coffee Shop
    13. Homoron Blue Lagoon
    14. Man-made Spring / Infinity Pool / Fountain of Youth

    Background Music: Seven Lions with Myon & Shan ...

  • Exploring Batanes Things To Do See In This Northern Paradise Of The Philippines Feat Sabtang

    Travel to the Philippines' northernmost paradise: BATANES ??" my beloved hometown! And if you wanna make the most of your (DIY) trip itinerary? Check out this travel guide for the top things to do:

  • Batanes Diura Fishing Village Languid Morning And Tracing The Archaic

    Batanes Diura Fishing Village Languid Morning And Tracing The Archaic

    Oh I am so looking forward to this. After days of hiking around Batanes, and recently a couple of daily hikes in Itbayat I was yearning for a place quiet to rest and recharge. I am excited to spend a night in Diura, an idyll fishing village in a quiet cove, east of Mahatao. I had been to Diura Fishing Village several times but haven't tried spending a night. I wanted to take sunrise photos at the bay so being there would be advantageous. Our boat for Basco from Itbayat should have left already 2 hours ago. But I had to wait for 2 cows and 2 pigs on the boat. The sudden malfunction on the crane ...

  • TheTravelJam Discovering Batanes

    Batanes is surely one of every Filipino's bucket list. It's composed of 10 islands with 3 inhabited islands only -- Basco, Sabtang and Itbayat. The rest are uninhabited. This video aims to represents the virgin seascapes and landscapes which makes the place, breathtaking. Dios Mamajes, Batanes!

  • Batanes A Glimpse Of Diura Village In Mahatao

    Batanes A Glimpse Of Diura Village In Mahatao

    Wind blows incessantly here and the contrasts between land and sea are astonishing, but so are their similarities. Both are colossal in extent and they are equally as enchanting. I stand to take a better look at the cerulean sea hemmed in by jungle-clad mountains; they say this place is an impeccable spot to watch Batanes' celebrated twilight facing the South China Sea. But the sun is not due to hide yet, so I just enjoy the view and take pictures. Visitors are also encouraged to walk down the a hundred steps of a nearby cliff to fish, to test endurance, or take more photos.

    "It's a balm ...

  • Touring Rainy South Batan 10 Must-Dos

    Touring Rainy South Batan 10 Must-Dos

    Batanes is a dream. One of the most remote and beautiful islands in the Philippines, it's an item on many people's bucket lists. Airfare is expensive though so even for Filipinos, visiting this paradise is not easy. So when I scored discounted seats in time for my birthday, I was ecstatic. Who knew that my long awaited visit to Batanes would coincide with Typhoon Lando's rampage in the country?

    I was fortunate that the sun still shone on our first day, my birthday. We toured North Batan. On the second day, we were supposed to tour Sabtang Island (the southernmost island of the Batanes islan ...