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  • Itbayat The Northern Frontier

    Itbayat The Northern Frontier

    Torongan Cave
    Santa Lucia (Kauhauhasan), Itbayat, Batanes

    There are too many monickers given to Batanes. Some call it as "The Home of the Howling Winds", others hailed it as "The Land of Ivatans", "The Highway of the Storms" or "The Land of True Insulares". But there is another name that best describes the province ??" "The Northernmost Frontier".

    Situated in between Balintang and Bashi Channels, Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines. It is composed of ten islands and islets that are scattered on the roaring water that separates the mainland Luzon and Taiwan. Of the te ...

  • Itbayat Travel Guide Batanes Adventure Island

    Itbayat Travel Guide Batanes Adventure Island

    Itbayat travel guide is necessary because it is not an island that you can just easily explore. In fact, no one is allowed to do any DIY trip even Ivatans from Batan or Sabtang.

    In a separate story, I wrote about the wonders of Itbayat. With its wealth of attractions, it is indeed an extraordinary island worth visiting at least once in our lifetime.

    Why do you need an Itbayat travel guide?

    Above anything else, Itbayat is a sanctuary for marine & terrestrial wildlife that is strictly protected by the government of Batanes. With this, not all sites are open to public.

    It is also the ...

  • Itbayat Batanes - Philippines

    Itbayat is the northernmost inhabited island in the Philippines. It is closer to Taiwan than to any part of mainland Luzon.

  • Exploring Itbayat And Sabtang Batanes Philippines 2016

    This week we explore Itbayat and Sabtang!

    Especially Itbayat get's overlooked by many visitors of the Batanes region.

    NOTE article is coming up!!!

    Both are beautiful islands, with their own charm. What you'll find here will be peace, quiet, nature and beautiful people!

    What I saw in Itbayat:
    A local Filipino wedding in Raile (if I remember correctly)
    Torongan Cave
    Torongan Hills
    Rapang Cliff
    Paganaman port

    In Itbayat I slept at Miss Cano's place.

    What I saw in Sabtang:
    I combined the two tours Sabtang has, so to see all of the island.
    Savidug v ...

  • Rapang Cliff Itbayat Island Batanes

    Rapang Cliff, Itbayat Island, Batanes.

  • AFP Hoists PHL Flag In Unoccupied Batanes Islet

    AFP Hoists PHL Flag In Unoccupied Batanes Islet

    The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) yesterday hoisted the Philippine flag in one of the five unoccupied islets here to support the local government's call for help to transform the islet into a resting place and shelter area for Filipino fishermen.

    The AFP's Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) hoisted the flag during a flag raising ceremony at Y'ami Island's Hill 200, capping a three-day maritime domain awareness activity.

    The maritime awareness activities were held amidst growing tensions caused by China's excessive claims in the disputed areas in the South China Sea and west Philippi ...