Itbayat Island

Itbayat, Batanes

Itbayat Island is located north of Batan Island. Itbayat is shaped like a giant bowl. The island is surrounded by massive boulders and cliffs rising from 20-70 feet above sea level and has no shoreline. It has a dirt airstrip for light aircraft. A regular ferry runs the Batan-Itbayat route. Travel time is about four hours on falowa from Basco Seaport or Radiwan Port in Ivana. A light plane flies f ...

rom Basco Airport to Itbayat at P700.00 per person and leaves only when the plane is full.

Itbayat Island News

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  • Escape To Quaint Itbayat

    Escape To Quaint Itbayat

    If paradise means clean air, no traffic and a quaint peaceful drug-free community, then thats the description for Itbayat, the northernmost island town in Batanes province.

    There are no beaches to speak of just sheer limestone rock cliffs all around the island, rising 30 to more than 100 meters from the sea surface.

    Itbayat, one of the worlds largest upturned coralline islands, is the domain of the Ivatan-Itbayat people as recognized by their certificate of ancestral domain title.

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    Itbayat Hiking The Slopes Of Mt Riposed For Tayawun Rock

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    How I Fell In Love With Batanes

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  • Itbayat Travel Guide Batanes Adventure Island

    Itbayat Travel Guide Batanes Adventure Island

    Itbayat travel guide is necessary because it is not an island that you can just easily explore. In fact, no one is allowed to do any DIY trip even Ivatans from Batan or Sabtang.

    In a separate story, I wrote about the wonders of Itbayat. With its wealth of attractions, it is indeed an extraordinary island worth visiting at least once in our lifetime.

    Why do you need an Itbayat travel guide?

    Above anything else, Itbayat is a sanctuary for marine & terrestrial wildlife that is strictly protected by the government of Batanes. With this, not all sites are open to public.

    It is also the ...