Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint

Sabtang, Batanes

Chamantad or Simply Tinyan Viewpoint and Cove is a popular viewing spots in Barangay Chavayan, Sabtang, Batanes.

Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint and Cove News

  • Travel Bucket List: Beauty Of Batanes Island Philippines

    Travel Bucket List: Beauty of Batanes Island Philippines. Witness the wonderful aerial video shots of Batanes. We will bring you to the gorgeous tourist attractions in the province. Basco Lighthouse, Mount Iraya, Morong Beach, Sabtang Lighthouse, Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint and Marlboro Hills, Riacoyde, Batanes to name a few.

  • Batanes Tricycle Tour With Bisumi Tours And Services - Itinerary Blog Review 2018

    Batanes Tricycle Tour With Bisumi Tours And Services - Itinerary Blog Review 2018

    Exclusive Batanes tours can be expensive especially if you are a couple or a solo traveller. Alternatively, you can join a group tour. It is fun because you get to meet new people and gain new friends. However, a group tour means restrictions and time pressure. You are restricted of staying in a tourist destination as much as you want as you are in a group. Since I wanted to enjoy our very first Batanes trip, I wanted an exclusive tour without emptying our pockets. Good thing is that Bisumi Tour & Services offer Batanes Tricycle Tours at an affordable price.

  • Travel Guide Sabtang Island Batanes

    Travel Guide Sabtang Island Batanes

    Sabtang Island is one of the three main inhabited islands of Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines. With its well-preserved culture, beautiful natural landscapes, and friendly people, this remote island is such a refreshing escape. Sabtang is one of the most laid-back and peaceful places I've been to in the country.

  • Batanes Tour Day 2 Sabtang Island

    Batanes Tour Day 2 Sabtang Island

    We take the boat ride to Sabtang Island.

    The boat swings left to right towards the end of our half hour trip but Kuya Art says these are baby waves. The people of Batanes are used to Big Mama waves.

  • Breathtaking Batanes

    Breathtaking Batanes

    When you talk about picture-perfect, postcard-worthy destinations, Batanes is always on the list and for many good reasons.

    The group of islands in the northernmost tip of the Philippines is home to rolling hills, spectacular panorama of hedgerows and slopes, lush vegetation, natural stone arcs, stunning beaches, lighthouses, and many other dramatic sceneries.

    Those lucky enough to visit this idyllic destination say Batanes is like a different country a different world even reason why its on most travelerss bucket list. But the thing about Batanes is that it is not easy to reach: weather ...

  • 5 Reasons Why Batanes LGU Deserves A Round Of Applause

    5 Reasons Why Batanes LGU Deserves A Round Of Applause

    Batanes is the dream destination for almost all Filipino travellers. The amazing landscape and spectacular view is a match made in heaven.