Batan Island

Basco, Batanes

Batan island is the main island of Batanes, an archipelagic province in the Philippines. It is the second largest of the Batanes Islands, the northernmost group of islands in the country. Four of the six municipalities of Batanes are located on the 20-kilometer long island including the provincial capital of Basco. The other municipalities are Ivana, Mahatao and Uyugan.

Batan is a d ...

umbbell-shaped volcanic island, part of the Luzon Volcanic Arc. The northern part of the island is dominated by the 1,009-meter high active volcano, Mount Iraya, which last erupted in 1454.

The lower portion of the island is the inactive volcano Mount Matarem, about 405 meters tall. A hilly narrow neck of land, about 4.5 kilometers long and from 1.9 to 2.5 kilometers wide, separates the two volcanoes of the island. Near Mt. Matarem, the island is at its widest at about 6.5 kilometers.  Wiki

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    Sabtang Island And The Seascapes Of Batanes

    Batanes is the northernmost island group of the Philippines, sitting in the strait between Taiwan and Luzon. In the summer, these isolated islands are blessed with brilliant clear blue skies and calm blue seas.

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    Southern Batan

    How can an island be perfectly calming and a playground both at the same time? Whether you need it or not Batanes? perfect landscape will heal and calm you in its own way. Im not sure if its because of its panoramic views and freshest air the peaceful life in Basco? The kindness and respectful Ivatans we encounter? Or the perfect sunset before the milky way shows up above your face? Ahh, its paradise!

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    Exploring Breathtaking Batanes: A Primer

    My Batanes trip is one of the most exciting travels that I've had. The province is beyond beautiful; you can't help it but appreciate its beauty and magnificence wherever you may go. But going here won't be so easy. Preparing to travel here is a must. Let me help you with some tips that I have come up with right after my experience in this beautiful place.

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    In the first of a new series on the islands of Batanes, DJ travels to Batan Island to take on a 500-meter tall volcano before getting lost looking for a lighthouse. Don Lejano from, our Asia News Network partners, joins him for the adventure.

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    Discovering the beauty of South Batan.

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    Finally completed the Batanes video from earlier in the year. This was the aerial footage I took from the National Geographic shoot I was invited to join. Hope to see some of this video in the finished product later this year.