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  • Escape To Batanes Is To Escape To A Different World Batanes

    Escape To Batanes Is To Escape To A Different World Batanes

    Now, lets go to land side of Philippines representing Batanes.

    Batanes is located at the northern part of the philippines and with very small population.

  • Breathtaking Batanes

    Breathtaking Batanes

    Every Filipino traveler's dream is to go to this place for reasons I do not know. I am a beach person I said to myself and this one is not in my bucket list. However, Franz is dying to see this so I did the best that I could for us to book a ticket. And it all starts there. Batanes….

    If I will be asked of one word to describe this place, I cant. I was lost for words and all we knew is we were crying seeing creations like these.

    Well I' m not going to provide all the facts about this province since you can easily google it but we'll share our do it yourself itinerary to help you guys pl ...

  • Batanes North Batan Island Tour

    Batanes North Batan Island Tour

    For its seemingly surreal landscape, Batanes is any shutterbug's paradise. In the island of Batan alone, everywhere you look around is a sight worth the click. And on north Batan Island lies some of the iconic landmarks that have won the hearts of all its visitors.

    Everyone gets through Batan Island, where the capital town of Basco & its small airport are located. It is the 2nd largest & the most populous island among the 10 isles in the northernmost part of the Philippines.

    North Batan Island ??" half paradise, half love!

    Because of its excesses of beauty, tours in Batan are geograph ...

  • Batanes Coming Out Of Isolation

    Batanes is so remote and so peaceful locals say the police fight boredom rather than crime. The natural environment of the province's seven islands is rugged and pristine, its culture and heritage rich and unique. Such are the charms of Batanes that it has become one of the most sought after destinations in the country, prime not just for tourism but investment as well.

    This group of islands at the northernmost tip of the country seeks to come out of isolation and the Batanes Heritage Foundation Inc. (BHFI) is providing the direction to bring the province and its people ??" the Ivatans ??" ...

  • Coconut Crab Now Endangered In Batanes

    Coconut Crab Now Endangered In Batanes

    As everyone who has visited Batanes knows, a traditional delicacy there is coconut crab (Birgus latro), locally called tatus. In the past the population of tatus used to be high, but today such population is now small. This has prompted the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to craft measures to conserve this species of crab.

    Birgus latro is a species of the terrestrial hermit crab, which is also sometimes called robber crab or ganjo crab (palm thief). According to our friend Wikipedia, Birgus latro is the largest land-living arthropod in the world and is said to be one of the ...

  • Batanes Off The Radar On The Philippines Remotest Islands

    Batanes Off The Radar On The Philippines Remotest Islands

    Batanes? Batanes? Up there?" was the reaction of most Filipinos when I told them I was catching a plane north to the remotest province of the country. This was coupled with a puzzled expression, followed by a long "Oooooooh".

    Only 190km south of Taiwan, the islands of Batanesare closer to the Taiwanese coast than to the Philippine mainland. The archipelago was created following a series of volcanic activities when Mount Iraya erupted around 325 BC ??" today a dormant volcano that stands 1517m above sea level.

    The province comprises ten islands of which only three are inhabited: Batan Isl ...