Basco Lighthouse

Basco, Batanes

Basco Lighthouse is a lighthouse in the town of Basco in Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines. Located in Naidi Hills in Barangay San Antonio, the lush green hills and the open sea provide a beautiful backdrop for the lighthouse. The place can easily be reached by a 1.2-km hike from the Port of Basco.

Basco Lighthouse News

  • Batanes Beautiful Beyond Words

    Batanes Beautiful Beyond Words

    From the lush hills of Vayang to the boulder beach of Valugan to the century-old cobblestone-walled houses in San Jose Ivana, the northernmost island of the Philippines remains to be a dream travel destination for many.

  • Batanes Welcomes Us

    A hidden gem of the country, Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines. It's closer to Taiwan than it is to its motherland. Despite being the least populated and smallest province in terms of land area, it boasts spectacular landscapes and seascapes every which way you look. Past visitors have referred to it as the New Zealand of the Philippines.

    Places features: Vayang Rolling Hills, Valugan Boulder Beach, Tukon Chapel, Basco Idjang, Mt. Iraya, Basco Lighthouse, Dipnaysupuan (tunnel).

  • Batanes Beyond Postcard-Perfect Sceneries

    Batanes Beyond Postcard-Perfect Sceneries

    Seasoned travelers have compared the topography of Batanes to that of New Zealand and Scotland. The northernmost group of islands in the Philippines remains a top-of-mind destination of avid Filipino travelers.

    For this reason, the Rediscover Batanes Caravan by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (Philtoa) was a rousing success. Consumers, tour operators and Philtoa officers all took time off from their busy schedules to explore and imbibe the beauty of Batanes; whether it will be for the first time or the nth time. The four day-and-three-night itinerary consisted of a North Batan Isl ...

  • Travel Guide Batanes

    Travel Guide Batanes

    Whenever people ask me what the best destination Ive been to in the Philippines is, its easy for me to say Batanes. In terms of raw landscapes, the northernmost province of the Philippines is really a dream destination. Though I love a lot of places Ive been to around the country, Batanes is really special. It offers a unique blend of breathtaking scenery, natural attractions and well-preserved culture. Plus the locals here are just the most hospitable and kind people Ive ever met. Everyone and everything here just feels so pure and good.

  • Escape To Batanes Is To Escape To A Different World Batanes

    Escape To Batanes Is To Escape To A Different World Batanes

    Now, lets go to land side of Philippines representing Batanes.

    Batanes is located at the northern part of the philippines and with very small population.

  • Batanes North Batan Tour

    Batanes North Batan Tour

    This is Part 1 of a 4-Part post about our visit to the Northmost province of the Philippines: Batanes. Total expenses in Batanes: Php 21,387, including PAL roundtrip fare, accommodation, tour package, food, and souvenirs.