Basco Lighthouse

Basco, Batanes

Basco Lighthouse is a lighthouse in the town of Basco in Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines. Located in Naidi Hills in Barangay San Antonio, the lush green hills and the open sea provide a beautiful backdrop for the lighthouse. The place can easily be reached by a 1.2-km hike from the Port of Basco.

Basco Lighthouse News

  • There Is More To Batanes Beyond Its Beautiful Landscape And Seascape

    There Is More To Batanes Beyond Its Beautiful Landscape And Seascape

    I never thought that I would see the beauty of Batanes this year. Many people kept asking me before if I had been to the northernmost part of the country. I would always say that it was my ultimate destination in the Philippines and I wanted to save it for last.

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    Where To Stay In Batanes Homestay B&B And Hometel

    When visiting Batanes, top of mind to consider is a place to stay. To be honest, I imagined that I would find only traditional Ivatan houses. Little did I know, modernization has reached the shores of the northernmost province of the Philippines.

  • Batanes: Where Broken Hearts Go

    Batanes: Where Broken Hearts Go

    It has been two months since the man who held my heart for years walked out of my life and closed the door behind him for good. Two months has passed but I can still feel the pain like it was yesterday. I wanted to run away, to disappear. I found myself rummaging the internet for flights. I need to go somewhere far. I just need to get away from the house, from the city, from everything that reminds me of him and how we used to be.

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    Travel Bucket List: Beauty of Batanes Island Philippines. Witness the wonderful aerial video shots of Batanes. We will bring you to the gorgeous tourist attractions in the province. Basco Lighthouse, Mount Iraya, Morong Beach, Sabtang Lighthouse, Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint and Marlboro Hills, Riacoyde, Batanes to name a few.

  • Batanes Travel Guide 2018

    Batanes Travel Guide 2018

    What you just read above means How are you? in Ivatan (the language spoken in Batanes Islands) Thank you for coming back to our blog! I know you're hungry for adventure, that's why we're back here in Batanes! Not for the second, but for the third time! how time flies right?

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    What a moment this was with my girlfriend in Batanes. This island is incredible! The majestic landscapes, lighthouses, beautiful scenery. You can have some unforgettable moments here! And that is exactly what happened with Therine and I.


    This video is a little shorter and less interactive than usual. That is because I was filming with Rated K and doing lots of interviews, but none the less it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY, with beautiful people, in beautiful Batanes!