Tarak Ridge

Mariveles, Bataan

Tarak Ridge is just one part of Mount Mariveles' many peaks, but it is notable for its rocky terrain, steep cliffs, and jagged rocks. Locals in turn named the ridge Tarak, an amalgam of "Tabak" (hunting knife) and "Tarik" (steep). The climb is actually moderate to hard, in terms of difficulty. The dramatic landscape of the ridge continues to attract more mountaineers every year to Tarak Ridge. Fro ...

m here, hikers can see Bataan, the nearby islands of Corregidor, as well as Manila Bay and Cavite. This is definitely one of the most outstanding treks to be made.

Only the first part of the trail is easy, after which the trek is pure and steep ascents.. The plains are usually burned during the summer months in kaingin (slash and burn). For those who haven't been to Tarak Ridge since 2006, the typhoons of that year have damaged some sections of the trail, that holding on to roots and branches are needed in some parts. One of the stops is at Papaya River, where hikers can take a breather before continuing on to Tarak Ridge. It takes 2-3 hours from the Papaya River to reach the summit.

Tarak Ridge News

  • Hiking And Camping Trip In Tarak Ridge (1130 m.a.sl)

    Hiking And Camping Trip In Tarak Ridge (1130 m.a.sl)

    Tarak Ridge, which is part of the Mount Mariveles and it is a popular spot for hiking and camping activities. Besides this, there are another two peaks in Mount Mariveles which have been explored by the local mountaineering community, including Pantingan or Banayan Peak, and Mariveles Ridge.

  • Answering The Call Of Adventure On Tarak Ridge

    Answering The Call Of Adventure On Tarak Ridge

    Ever since I left my college mountaineering club in the University of Santo Tomas, I have trekked to the mountains few and far between. It felt like a romantic separation that left me searching for ways to reconnect with. I would plan hiking trips here and there, only to shelve it in favor of a trip to the beach. Despite my deep interest in hiking taking a backseat, the call of the great outdoors remained loud and I know that it was just only a matter of time before I stepped on the jagged Philippine mountains again.

  • Mt Tarak Ridge Mariveles Bataan Philippines

    Mt. Tarak Ridge- Mariveles, with an elevation of 1130+ MASL, Tarak Ridge is considered a notable mountain climbing destination in Bataan and one of the most visited mountains in the Philippines. I love something unique, the river? so refreshing hahaha. I remember, the trail going up was so challenging since it was so steep that I really ended up holding on to the "MY" roots- ugat.. ai ugat pala ng puno- branches just to keep my balance.

    As a memories of my Singleness of life.. Gala lang ng Gala.

    Enjoy Life to the fullest.

    Thank you to all my friends to complete this video as my model ...

  • Hike To Tarak Ridge In Bataan With BaseKamp

    Hike To Tarak Ridge In Bataan With BaseKamp

    Tarak Ridge. The name alone (a combination of the words ?tarik? which means steep and ?tabak? or hunting knife) should have given me a clue of what to expect. Standing 1,130 meters above sea level, this mountain in Mariveles, Bataan offers a scenic view of Bataan, Corregidor and neighboring islands. On clear days, you can see Manila Bay all the way up to Cavite. But to enjoy the stunning view, you first have to go through a moderately challenging hike through dense grasslands and steep trails that involves clambering over roots and holding on to branches for support.

  • Of Implements And Second Chances

    Of Implements And Second Chances

    To freeze to death wasn't the way I imagined myself to go, but the icy air slicing through my lungs and the frost coursing in my veins made it damn sure feel like it was exactly how I was going. As we slept, the midnight downpour found its way to the tent, gathering in a pool of inch-deep mountain rain. My sleeping bag was soiled, and the bud of cold blossomed beneath me. I was too tired and too hungry to worry about our belongings, too cold to even move. My annoying mind whispered, "What idiot brings a beach tent to the mountains?"

  • Tarak Ridge In Bataan

    Tarak Ridge In Bataan

    I used to believe that breaking up with someone should be done in person, face to face. But when I asked one of my friends fresh from break-up, after 6 hours of long, arduous trek, 1,006 MASL, in the comforts of our temporary home along the ridge in Tarak, "Paano kayo nag break?" She said "sa text". Had I heard this answer a year ago I would have said that it was a disrespectful way of breaking up. Instead I said "Minsan okey na rin sa text kasi kung personal at magmakaawa sa iyo, baka di mo na matuloy." It was almost dark, and I realized just how much I missed camping, the fresh air, the mis ...