Pawikan Conservation Center

Morong, Bataan

Pawikan Conservation Centre sits is home to the original nesting sites of the Olive Ridley turtle species.It is located about 4 hours away from Manila where the fishing village of Nagbalayong in the town of Morong on the Bataan Peninsula. Along a patch of sandy coastal road a tiny place fenced with aged bamboo and a driftwood sign with the name Pawikan Conservation Center written on it.

Pawikan Conservation Center News

  • Sea Turtles And Sea Caves Doing Bataan Part 2

    Sea Turtles And Sea Caves Doing Bataan Part 2

    It has been a while since we last drove down the national highway at Bataan. Something like two decades. So we knew a lot would have changed by now. As we drove down from Dinalupihan into Balanga last week, the wider roads, urbanized town centers, shopping malls and heavier vehicular traffic confirmed our suspicions. However, as we veered away from the eastern coast and cut across the peninsula towards the towns of Bagac and Morong on the opposite western side, an old and familiar Bataan came into view.

  • Pawikan Conservation Center In Bataan

    Pawikan Conservation Center In Bataan

    Just a few minutes away from the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is the Pawikan Conservation Center. Also located in Morong, Bataan, the center started out as a community-based program devoted to rescuing, protecting, and propagating marine turtles or pawikan. It is currently headed by the Bantay Pawikan Inc., an organization composed of 17 members.

  • Eco-Peace Republic Voluntour Weekend At The Pawikan Conservation Center

    Eco-Peace Republic Voluntour Weekend At The Pawikan Conservation Center

    The pawikan is now endangered. This means, that it can soon go extinct! But why is it so important for us humans to care about the pawikans? The pawikan is part of two ecosystems-the beach or dune system and the marine system. All parts of the ecosystem are important. If we lose the pawikan, this will not only have an impact on the rest of marine life but also on us humans.

    The VolunTour Weekend at the Pawikan Conservation Center, Morong, Bataan was organized by the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, Anvaya Environmental Foundation Inc. together with the Bantay Pawikan members in Nagbalayon ...

  • Bataans Mariveles Five Fingers A Breathtaking Destination You Need To Know Now

    Bataans Mariveles Five Fingers A Breathtaking Destination You Need To Know Now

    As someone who's called Bataan home for most of her formative years, the invitation to visit my hometown comes up quite often with college friends and co-workers. To my chagrin, I would often be met by the following questions:

    "Bataan? Ang layo naman sa Manila nu'n!" (Bataan? But that's so far from Manila!)

    "Ano ba ang makikita sa Bataan?" (What is there exactly to see in Bataan?)

    Many of my clueless yet well-meaning friends from Manila seem to think that Bataan is some distant backwater where one would spend half a day traveling by car or would need a plane to reach, while they have ...

  • Climbers Small Way Of Protecting The Pawikans

    Climbers Small Way Of Protecting The Pawikans

    Turtles! oh, they are so cute.

    Were my thoughts when I saw them wriggling. I was told that they are ready to be released to the ocean and our own hunt the night before of a mother turtle laying eggs were naught, they were as elusive as true love.

    When it was time for us to release the baby turtles or known as hatchlings, the emotion was bittersweet. I lay my turtle on the fine sand, a few meters away from the water and whispered, good luck my dear.

    I hope the baby turtle will survive.

    Imprinting is an important process the baby turtles have to go through, it is the process of makin ...

  • Save The Pawikans

    The Pawikan Festival is held yearly at the Pawikan Conservation Center in Morong, Bataan. The main activity here is the releasing of the baby pawikan, which are hatched in the conservation center.

    Every year, during the festivities, they invite visitors and thousands of students from the provinces to promote awareness and also be treated to some street dancing, sand sculptures, a showcase of local products, and witnessing how the hatchlings go back to the sea.