Pasukulan Falls

Abucay, Bataan

Pasukulan Falls are located in Abucay, Bataan. A natural valley of Mt. Natib, it has fresh vegetation and relatively unexplored. It is an hour and a half drive on board all-terrain 4 x 4 vehicle via Gabon-Hacienda Road up to Brgy. Malamanga where the 2-hour trekking towards the falls would start. Ideal for picnics and trail-blazing.

Pasukulan Falls News

  • Theres Always A Waterfalls Near You

    Theres Always A Waterfalls Near You

    Wherever you are in the Philippines, chasing after waterfalls isn't so hard to do. There's always bound to be one at a town near you. You don't have to be an expert in the outdoors. Simply get out of the city and tackle a woodland terrain to discover one. Some are even given decent pathways that lead to them by local authorities or private organizations, making the intrepid getaway a little less dangerous for kids and old folks.

    When I was younger, the first waterfalls I visited was Daranak Falls that's located in the province of Rizal. It was a fun excursion with high school classmates as ...

  • The Night Is Long In Natib

    The Night Is Long In Natib

    Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

    If the hassle that happened on our way to Mount Natib in Orani, Bataan foretold of the things to come, we did not see it coming. Our van broke down a few kilometers away from our destination. And even before that, our van lost its way from the San Fernando exit of the North Luzon Expressway. A considerable amount of our time was lost due to these unexpected circumstances. Later on, we realized the consequences of the preceding events. Our dayhike to Mount Natib (with a side trip to Pasukulan Falls) became my longest dayhi ...

  • Five Reasons Why Bataan Deserves Your Visit More Than Once

    Five Reasons Why Bataan Deserves Your Visit More Than Once

    Most travelers reckon that Bataan is better off the way it is -- dangling away from the touristic route of Metro Manila to the rest of mainland Luzon. Like that single house in your neighborhood that resembles a mausoleum, it's located at a detour where life seems dreary. You try to avoid it on your way from school or work as much as you can until rumors of a mystical event there tickles your interest.

    The reality is that the province is more than any hype. It shines where it's most random... like a friend's house where you crash for impromptu snacks. It's where you kill time and end up wit ...

  • Columbia Ventrailia Hiking Shoes Fantastic For Long Treks

    Columbia Ventrailia Hiking Shoes Fantastic For Long Treks

    I recently came from a day hike of Mt. Ulap in Benguet wearing a pair of sneakers. The foolish thing didn't dawn on me until I reached the middle of the trail. I might not have slipped more than once during the adventure, but I certainly had a very difficult time tackling the steep descent because my knees and legs bore the brunt of the reliability that my shoes lacked. The result was an expected body pain that lasted for almost a week.

    To make sure that I really enjoyed my next hike, I opted to wear the relatively new Ventrailia hiking shoes from Columbia. Its color (blue) made a great fir ...

  • Yielding To The Outdoor Seduction Of Bataans Pasukulan Falls

    Yielding To The Outdoor Seduction Of Bataans Pasukulan Falls

    Bataan is historic even in its remote spaces. It's the site of one natural attraction that bears the name of a defender's grit and an invader's foolish resolve known as Pasukulan Falls in the hamlet of the same name. The new generation of Filipinos may not consider it to be significant beyond the beauty that it holds in West Abucay, but it is a fitting remnant of a paradise that was once a witness to the surrender of an imperial army. The yield continues to reverberate from the mid-'40s and I was compelled to follow the sound that it makes in the forested valley of Mt. Natib one pleasant weeke ...

  • The Journey To Mt Natib And Pasukulan Falls

    The Journey To Mt Natib And Pasukulan Falls

    Mt. Natib is located in Tala, Orani, Bataan with an elevation of 1287 MASL. It is popularly known as the highest peak within the vicinity of Bataan Park.

    Journey to Mt. Natib

    With the excitement of hiking mountain again, I was able to join an organized event along with my buddy. I had mixed emotions because of the challenges and concerns regards the event. However the thought of reaching the summit, meeting new friends and visiting Pasukulan falls kept my adrenaline and excitement up.

    Although having a premonition regarding "limatiks" ??" a blood sucking creature which is quite appare ...