Mount Tarak

Mariveles, Bataan

Mount Tarak is a dormant volcano located in Mariveles, Bataan in the Philippines.

Mount Tarak News

  • Mount Tarak Highest Point

    Mount Tarak Highest Point

    December 19-20, 2015

    Height/Difficulty/Trail Class: 1,006masl (Tarak Ridge), 1,130masl (El Saco or Mt. Tarak Summit), 4/9 Major Climb, 3

    December is indeed a busy month. Aside from cramming for office reports that you have to finish before the year ends, there is still a handful of activities you have to attend do: meet ups with friends, Christmas shopping and parties, and requirements in school. And I am not an exception to these. I think this was one of my busiest Decembers to date. But despite the busyness, I managed to squeeze in a hike to close my year ??" accidentally saved Tarak ( ...

  • Papaya River And Mount Tarak

    Papaya River And Mount Tarak

    I and my high school friends were that crazy to end 2015 and welcome 2016 on top of Tarak Ridge. The idea was to behold the last setting sun of the year over Manila Bay and watch fireworks while on top of the world. But Amihan brought "Signal No. 4" gusty winds and panaka-nakang pag-ulan. We ended up squeezing ourselves inside our tent, merrymaking over photographs, stories and red wine. Occasionally, we would go out in the open, brave the wind and jump and shout for joy. Literally, the mountain was only for us. 'Twas an awesome experience, especially to have spent it with my closest awesome ...

  • Mount Tarak Ridge

    Mount Tarak Ridge

    This mountain was my first major climb with Batang Hamog Mountaineers. Our preparation for this climb was ordinary, like others, we don't care if it's major or minor, as long as we are together, everything is in good hands, that's how we cherish our relationship. This was one of the most challenging climb I had, not because of its trail, but because we encountered typhoon when we're at the camp site, that was the longest night ever. Everyone of us were always waking up just to see if it's already morning. Everything we were wearing were all wet. We slept in sideways, while our bodies were g ...

  • Wild Ones Lets Rock Tarak Adventure Video

    Wild Ones - is the official video of Juan Adventure's Let's Rock! Tarak on October 24-25, 2015.

  • Climbing Mount Tarak

    BAKAT Runners and Mountaineers 1st Major Climb to Mt. Tarak Mariveles, Bataan, Philppines

  • Assaulting Tarak Ridge and Summit at Mariveles Bataan

    Assaulting Tarak Ridge and Summit at Mariveles Bataan

    When I was on all fours ??" hands gripped tight on jutted tree roots, feet struggled to find steady footing on loose soil ??" on a semi-vertical assault with a heavy camera pack on my waist and bulky tripod and a liter of water strapped on my back, that was about the time I begin to ask myself, "Why am I even doing this?"

    Tarak Ridge

    The Mount Mariveles mountain complex of Bataan consists of several peaks including the jagged Tarak Ridge, a favorite major climb destination among mountaineers. At 1,130 MASL on its highest peak (Tarak Ridge is at 1,006 MASL), its altitude is not even close ...