Mount Natib

Morong, Bataan

Mount Natib is a dormant volcano and caldera complex located in the province of Bataan on western Luzon Island of the Philippines. The volcano complex occupies the northern portion of the Bataan Peninsula. The mountain and adjacent surrounding is a protected area first declared as the Bataan National Park in 1945.

Mount Natib is a stratovolcano type of volcano located east of the 6- ...

by-7-kilometre acorn-shaped Natib Caldera, which is open to the northwest. Located east of Mount Natib is the smaller 2-kilometre wide Pasukulan Caldera. Mount Natib is the highest peak of the caldera with an elevation of 1,253 meters and the caldera complex has an overall base diameter of 26 kilometers.

There are no historical eruptions within the Natib caldera complex. Studies in 1991 (Panum and Rayem) indicate that the last eruptive activity was probably Holocene to upper Pleistocene. An earlier study in 1971 (Ebasco Services) dated the eruptive products between 69,000 +/- 27,000 years old. A recent study by Dr. Kevin Rodolfo of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, had Mount Natib's latest eruption between 11,000 and 18,000 years ago after studying a prehistoric pyroclastic flow from the volcano that entered Subic Bay in Zambales province.

Current activity on Natib is through five thermal areas. The hot springs in the Natib caldera are Asin, Mamot, Tigulangin, Uyong and Paipit springs. The hot springs have temperatures ranging from 30-56°C, with low flows, and a neutral to slightly alkaline water discharge.

Mount Natib News

  • My Mount Natib Climb With BPMC

    My Mount Natib Climb located in Morong, Bataan with BPMC.

    Mt. Natib
    Orani, Bataan
    Major jumpoff: Brgy. Tala, Orani
    Minor jumpoff: Kanawan (Hanging Bridge), Morong
    LLA: 14.7119 N; 120.3997 E; 1287 MASL
    Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 3.5-5 hours
    Specs (Backtrail): Major climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail class 1-3
    Specs (Traverse): Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 1-3
    Features: Scenic views of Central Luzon; Woodlands; Tropical forests

  • The Night Is Long In Natib

    The Night Is Long In Natib

    Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

    If the hassle that happened on our way to Mount Natib in Orani, Bataan foretold of the things to come, we did not see it coming. Our van broke down a few kilometers away from our destination. And even before that, our van lost its way from the San Fernando exit of the North Luzon Expressway. A considerable amount of our time was lost due to these unexpected circumstances. Later on, we realized the consequences of the preceding events. Our dayhike to Mount Natib (with a side trip to Pasukulan Falls) became my longest dayhi ...

  • The Journey To Mt Natib And Pasukulan Falls

    The Journey To Mt Natib And Pasukulan Falls

    Mt. Natib is located in Tala, Orani, Bataan with an elevation of 1287 MASL. It is popularly known as the highest peak within the vicinity of Bataan Park.

    Journey to Mt. Natib

    With the excitement of hiking mountain again, I was able to join an organized event along with my buddy. I had mixed emotions because of the challenges and concerns regards the event. However the thought of reaching the summit, meeting new friends and visiting Pasukulan falls kept my adrenaline and excitement up.

    Although having a premonition regarding "limatiks" ??" a blood sucking creature which is quite appare ...

  • Mt Natib My First Trek In Bataan Province

    Mt Natib My First Trek In Bataan Province

    It's the time the year when I'm busy or try to get into hiking mountains more often. I did this climb six months ago in Bataan National Park; Mt Natib is known as the highest peak in the Natib Caldera System. A potentially active volcano with elevation of 1253 MASL, Mt Natib is higher and is much more challenging than my usual volcano favorites Mt Arayat and Mt Makiling climbs. I had a few misgivings regarding this climb, first is that Mt Natib is one of those mountains known to have Limatik (Mountain Leech) infestations and second is that I'm joining a strange group.

    Mountain Facts
    • Is ...

  • A Perfect Sunday Hike in Natib

    A Perfect Sunday Hike in Natib

    I just witnessed that boundary of season --- such a beautiful day when summer seemed to end and rainy days begin. It was 28th of June and the last weekend of the month. We saw the sun and skies simultaneously smiling though seemingly turned to be annoyed at us afterwards causing an increased level of heat. Eventually, the skies turned gloomy until finally, we saw them crying and pouring their tears over us in the form of rain. Well, farewell to you Summer.. Hello Rainy Season!

    I could still say, it was one perfect day to hike Mt. Natib.

    I thought I have forgotten this wonderful mountain ...

  • Orani reforests Tala watershed

    Orani reforests Tala watershed

    To maintain its tag as the remaining watershed in the province, Mayor Benjie Serrano, Jr. revealed yesterday that more tree planting activities along this highest barangay where Mount Natib is located will be undertaken by the municipality.

    Serrano also cited the reforestation program undertaken recently by the Orani Water District (OWD) in upland Tala watershed area where they planted thousands of trees around Mt. Natib.

    Serrano said that since Barangay Tala is fast becoming a tourist attraction with the sprouting of mountain resorts and hotels such as the Vista and Sinagtala, both f ...