Mount Malasimbo

Dinalupihan, Bataan

Mt. Malasimbo is located in Dinalupihan, Bataan. A conical-shaped mountain, it is believed that when dark clouds cover the summit of this mountain, a typhoon is coming.

Mount Malasimbo News

  • The Real Malasimbo Magic Causes That Make Malasimbo More Than Just A Music Festival WIN TWO 3 DAYS PASSES

    The Real Malasimbo Magic Causes That Make Malasimbo More Than Just A Music Festival WIN TWO 3 DAYS PASSES

    Every year, I am drawn back to the beauty and magic of the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. With each visit, Mt. Malasimbo has gradually found a special place in my heart; with such stunning surrounds and a one-of-a-kind experience on offer for each celebration, it is quite hard for it not to. Malasimbo has been a sort of sanctuary for free spirits, explorers, and music lovers in the course of its five-year run. It has been a place where imagination runs wild, and senses go on overdrive; where people gather to marvel and take in a spectacle of nature, culture, music and art.

    Little did I ...

  • Summer getaway Puerto Galera quiet side

    Summer getaway Puerto Galera quiet side

    Just the mere mention of Puerto Galera immediately conjures images of happy hour along its famous White Beach, the clear blue waters, island hopping, and, of course, partying all night ??" a nocturnal and energetic vibe reminiscent of Boracay.

    But more than fire dances, blasting stereos, drunken nights and tequila sunrises, many tend to forget that Puerto Galera, a bay connected to the Verde Island Passage, is also home to 60 percent of the world's shoreline fishes.

    Declared by UNESCO in 1977 as a ''Man and Biosphere Reserve'' because of its cultural and biological diversity, Puerto Gale ...

  • Mangyan Kids Jumping At The Top Of Talipanan Falls

    Mangyan kids jumping at the top of Talipanan Falls.

  • Mount Malasimbo And Puerto Galera

    Mount Malasimbo And Puerto Galera

    In some parts of the Philippine territory, Mount Malasimbo is very known to many but only a few are aware that it exists in Northern Mindoro on the top view of the famous Puerto Galera beach.

    Such fact is not even sentient to the writer herself since she lives in a region where there is a view of the so-called Mount Malasimbo. Yes, same name but in different locations. This other Mount Malasimbo is the one that exists in the nearby province called Zambales. The two mountains with the same name have both the attractive sight of a dome shape summit.

    Mount Malasimbo in Puerto Galera is more ...

  • Nature Artwork at Mount Malasimbo

    Nature Artwork at Mount Malasimbo

    Mount Malasimbo is one of the scenic mountains of Puerto Galera that complete the beautiful landscape of the island. It is the first thing that one will notice over Puerto Galera's beach. Mt. Malasimbo is one of the series of mountains of Northern Mindoro along with Mts. Talipanan, Alinbayan, and, farther to the west, Mt. Calavite.

    Conquering the mountains of Puerto Galera is a thrilling and exciting climb. Mount Malasimbo is acknowledged throughout the province for having the most beautiful yet the most challenging to trek. It is home to a diverse variety of fauna and flora such as wild bo ...

  • Day Hike Mt Malasimbo Mt Talipanan And Talipanan Falls

    We decided to traverse Mt. Malasimbo to Mt. Talipanan. Unfortunately, there was no available itinerary for Mt. Malasimbo to Mt. Talipanan on the web. Some done it by day hike for each mountain and the one I read tells that there is a connecting trail between the two mountains through ridges. I assumed it was possible based on my research. My estimated time of trekking was 10 hours which is a traverse dayhike from Mt.Malasimbo through the "connecting trail" to Mt. Talipanan.

    Mt. Malasimbo Day Hike

    Moving Time and Day(s): 4 Hours and 30 Minutes | 1 Day
    June 18 2012 ??" Day 1

    We arrived ...