Matikis Island

Bagac, Bataan

Playa La Caleta also known as Matikis Island is one of the remote and newly discovered island in Bagac in the province of Bataan. The whole island is covered by lush green trees which is another attractions of the island. The island has white powder sand and very clean, cold and clear water. Many activities that you can do in this island like Bamboo Boating, Snorkeling and also island hopping. It ...

is rich also in marine biodiversity, colorful fishes and majestic corals.

Matikis Island News

  • Weekend Beach Escape At Playa La Caleta Bataan

    Weekend Beach Escape At Playa La Caleta Bataan

    Like most sun-worshipper-moon-child hybrids, I perpetually yearn for the sunniest of days: for ocean breeze to cradle me sweetly, for the sun to plant tropical kisses on my skin, for time to stand still and tell me it's okay to slow down, dig your toes into the sand… Breathe.

    Everyday, I look forward to weekends where I can finally draw inspiration from nature. The desire to wake up to a balmy sunrise, read and write until the sun sets was bigger than my body so I had to find the perfect getaway to isolate myself from unwanted distractions.

    Next thing I know I was in my car, headed Nor ...

  • Playa La Caleta A Great Value Exclusive Island Retreat

    Playa La Caleta A Great Value Exclusive Island Retreat

    If you think Bataan beaches are bleh compared to its neighbor Zambales, think again. Let's say you travel to Clark Airport instead of Manila, because let's face it, it's cheaper and more convenient because you avoid city traffic and you already booked your Mount Pinatubo Trip but you've got nothing else to do and you don't want to go as far as Zambales because you know that Subic Resorts are too expensive for your budget anyway. Why not book an island just for your group just a short boat ride from Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar?.

    Book your stay and pay the deposit and you're up to one of ...

  • Playa La Caleta Nature Adventure Bataan

    Playa La Caleta Nature Adventure Bataan

    Imagine this setting, lush green forests, pristine sand, and amazing rock formations. Isn't that a clear picture of a perfect destination to escape the busy city environment? Well, if you're one who enjoys the silence and appreciate the beauty of nature, then a visit to Playa La Caleta in Bataan is an ideal vacation for you.

    Basic Information

    Playa La Caleta is a remote island near Morong, Bataan. It doesn't have electricity and mobile phone coverage isn't that good. But that what's attractive about it; you can simply let time stop and take a breather from your daily activities.

    Getti ...

  • Playa La Caleta The Undiscovered Paradise

    Playa La Caleta The Undiscovered Paradise

    World War II, Death March, Valor these words describe the province that harmoniously combine nature and history. Just a hundred and sixty kilometer away from Manila, Bataan's proximity makes it a popular tourist destination for those who wanted to escape the busy city life and enjoy an unforgettable weekend of surprises. This time, I will be visiting Bataan to survive at an isolated cove a secret paradise called Playa La Caleta.

    Day 1

    Friday shift is over, and the whole RCM department is excited for their first ever team building this year. We left the office early, and went to Genesis B ...

  • Playa La Caleta A Perfect Escape

    Playa La Caleta A Perfect Escape

    Bataan is located in the southwestern part of Central Luzon in the Philippines. This vibrant province is endowed with pristine beaches so loved for its white sand and remoteness like that of Playa La Caleta, a small piece of paradise located in the town of Bagac.

    Playa La Caleta is the perfect place to go to if you prefer seclusion and isolation, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

    The mobile phone signal here is very low and is almost close to none. There are neither hotel accommodations nor residents in the island (only the caretakers are there) thereby giving you your desired get ...

  • Bataan Bagac Playa La Caleta

    Bataan Bagac Playa La Caleta

    For the longest time, naging tradisyon ko na na tuwing birthday ko ay nagluluto ako at nagpapakain (and nagpapainom) sa mga closest friends ko. Netong mga nakaraang taon ay ramdam na ramdam ko na ang drastic downfall ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas (or talagang nagiging kuripot lang talaga ako patagal nang patagal) kaya hindi ko na rin 'to nagagawa. Kaya naman minsan, nami miss nila ang birthday parties at nagse set up pa ng "surprise party" para sa'kin na and ending naman ay hindi rin ako nasu surprise dahil palpak sila magplano.

    Nung 2012, gusto kong maiba naman ang happenings sa birthday ko. A ...