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  • Of Implements And Second Chances

    Of Implements And Second Chances

    To freeze to death wasn't the way I imagined myself to go, but the icy air slicing through my lungs and the frost coursing in my veins made it damn sure feel like it was exactly how I was going. As we slept, the midnight downpour found its way to the tent, gathering in a pool of inch-deep mountain rain. My sleeping bag was soiled, and the bud of cold blossomed beneath me. I was too tired and too hungry to worry about our belongings, too cold to even move. My annoying mind whispered, "What idiot brings a beach tent to the mountains?"

  • A Day Hike To Mount Mariveles Tarak Peak

    A Day Hike To Mount Mariveles Tarak Peak

    At the southern part of Bataan Peninsula is Mount Mariveles, a dormant volcano towering at 1,388 meters above sea level. It is bounded by the towns of Orion, Bagac and Mariveles, where majority of its land area falls.

  • Bataan Mariveles Philippines

    "Life is short. So don't waste it. Do what you love.

  • Tarak Ridge Return To The Unforgiving Trail Of Mount Mariveles

    The difficulty level is an understatement of its true nature. As of this date, it is still my most difficult climb. But this time, I would say my exploration is worth the gruelling trail. It was more than my understanding of a revenge climb.

    It was only a matter of time before I decide to climb again Tarak Ridge. That five and a half hours punishing ascent, and more than three hours backtrail was the hardest 4/9 I've done. And perhaps that backtrail was the cause of my post-climb muscle pain that lasted for two days. I said I had no intention of going back there unless I have a purpose. An ...

  • DIY Itinerary Guide To Sisiman Bay Pebble Beach Lighthouse Summit And Grotto In Mariveles Bataan

    DIY Itinerary Guide To Sisiman Bay Pebble Beach Lighthouse Summit And Grotto In Mariveles Bataan

    Bataan is one of the provinces in Luzon that is very accessible from Metro Manila. It only takes about 3 - 4 hours by land travel to get here that is why this is one of many favorite hangouts of city dwellers trying to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila. Bataan represents a big piece in a puzzle that makes up the Philippine history retold in textbooks like the Bataan Death March and Mount Samat. I have only been to Bagac last year and spent overnight in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a man - made heritage town of beautiful Spanish - inspired colonial houses. Mariveles, however is another t ...

  • A Trip To Mariveles The San Miguel Peak

    A Trip To Mariveles The San Miguel Peak

    After embracing the remarkable view of the Sisiman Bay, it is time for us to go closer! Our tour coordinator took us at the foot of the so-called San Miguel Peak. This enormous rock formation is sitting beside the pebbled beach of Sisiman Resort.

    We didn't get much details about San Miguel Peak but we were told that the rock formation got its name from the company that merely owned most of the lands in Bataan, the San Miguel Corp. The rock formation is said to be an ideal spot for some rappelling adventure.

    The rock formation is around 700ft high and they said that it requires around 20 ...