Kairukan River

Morong, Bataan

Kairukan River is one of upper tributaries, which drain the northwest flank of Mt. Silangan located in barangay Nagbalayong, in Morong, Bataan. It is the location of cascading Kairukan falls which descends into a deep pool about 30 feet in diameter.

Kairukan River News

  • Kairukan Falls A Day Hike In Morong Bataan

    Kairukan Falls A Day Hike In Morong Bataan

    One of the wonders of Morong Bataan is the majestic Kairukan Falls located in Sitio Kanawan in Barangay Binaritan. Its waters flow from Mt. Silangan, part of Bataan National Park, a forest reserve established in 1945. Hiking to the heart of Mt. Kairukan is a jaw-dropping experience because of its dense trees and undergrowth. Its diverse flora and fauna are similar to the trekking experience to Pasukulan Falls in Mt. Natib on the northeastern part of Bataan's National Park.

  • Pintong Alipin Falls

    Pintong Alipin Falls

    I would like to write about my favorite place (so far) to go to since I started hiking. This beautiful falls is called Pintong Alipin (also known as Kairukan falls), located at the hidden sanctuaries of Morong, Bataan. It is one of the upper tributaries of the Kairukan river located at Mt. Silangan (part of the Natib range). It stands mightily at 150 feet, and descends into about a 30-feet diameter pool. It is about a 3-4 hour hike from the public market. This is the falls that I do not mind going back to over and over again, I found a sanctuary in this place. The falls is a hidden treasure, i ...