Dunsulan Falls

Pilar, Bataan

Dunsulan Falls is located in Pilar, Bataan. An enchanting tourist attraction at the heart of a forested hill at the back of the historic Mt. Samat in PIlar. A site ideal for picnic and swimming.

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  • Dunsulan Falls - Pilar Bataan Travel Guide

    Dunsulan Falls - Pilar Bataan Travel Guide

    Last November, my family planned to have a tour in Bataan. Our main destination was Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and have an overnight stay at Playa de Caleta. We spent a lot of time in Las Casas that we finished the Day Tour late. We decided to change our side trip to a more accessible one since Playa de Caleta can be reached by boat.

  • Escape To Bataan Dunsulan Falls, Ambon-Ambon Falls And Limutan Falls

    Escape To Bataan Dunsulan Falls, Ambon-Ambon Falls And Limutan Falls

    The Province of Bataan is a good day trip from Manila if you are into history, nature and adventure. Approximately two hours away from the Metro, the peninsula is popular for its historical sites, beaches and mountains. Not everyone knows though that the peninsula is also home to majestic waterfalls. There are more than 10 waterfalls in the province and I had a chance to visit three of them ??" Dunsulan Falls of Pilar, Limutan Falls and Ambon-Ambon Falls both of Bagac.

    Dunsulan Falls

    Nested at the foot of Mount Samat is the geometrically beautiful Dunsulan Falls perhaps the most easily ...

  • Must-Visit Waterfalls Near Manila For Your Next Weekend Trip

    Must-Visit Waterfalls Near Manila For Your Next Weekend Trip

    When you're getting tired of the towering skyscrapers and busy roads of the city, just know that refreshing waterfalls near Manila, in its neighboring provinces are waiting for you. With most falls demanding only a couple of minutes of hiking, going on an unplanned weekend getaway is not a bad idea.

    In fact, we say, go and explore these waterfalls near Manila the first chance you get.

    1, Dunsulan Falls in Bataan

    Quiet and tranquil??"those are the two words that best describe Dunsulan Falls. Despite being a zip line ride away from the top of Mount Samat, Dunsulan Falls seems to fall of ...

  • Bataan Day Trip Mount Samat And Dunsulan Falls

    Bataan Day Trip Mount Samat And Dunsulan Falls

    This year, I decided that I will climb as many Philippine mountains as my weak and physically inactive body can. When Ate Marco suggested we go to Bataan for a day trip to climb Mount Samat and visit Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor) in Pilar, Bataan, I immediately said yes.

    We originally planned to go last month, but our plan didn't push through. It almost didn't materialize again when Ate Marco couldn't make it, but Kimpee, Ayessa, and I decided that we have to go no matter what! So without our trip organizer, off we went to Bataan.

    Last Saturday, we met up early in Pasay to boar ...

  • Dunsulan Falls of Liyang

    Dunsulan Falls of Liyang

    Dunsulan Falls is one of many other tourist attraction in Pilar, Bataan, aside from Mt. Samat. (The Bataan Shrine). The falls is located at the foot of Mt. Samat with coordinates of (14°36′52.7″N 120°29′33.8″E) northeast of the National Shrine in Brgy Liyang, in Pilar town.

    Dunsulan falls and the river is the main source of drainage on the crater side of Mount Samat. There are two ways to get there you can go through there by a zipline which is also a tourist attraction because it gives the wide view of the whole place of the town of Diwa and liyang Pilar, Bataan. ...

  • Dunsulan Waterfalls of Bataan

    Dunsulan Waterfalls of Bataan

    I had climbed Mt Samat probably more than 30 times but never paid a visit to its nearby falls.
    Until last week…

    I was looking for a relatively easy place to hike/walk to, so my family members-in-tow will not complain. Call it 'introduction to the great outdoors'. And I wanted something with a 'nice ending', and a view of a beautiful waterfalls seemed to be the perfect choice.

    I googled the 'how to get there' and concluding that it was easy ??" we decided to go for it. I've frequented the place so I have an idea how to grope around. I guesstimated that it's only around 12km from my ...