Bataan National Park

Samal, Bataan

Bataan National Park is a protected area of the Philippines located in the mountainous interior of Bataan Peninsula in Central Luzon 101 kilometers northwest from Manila. The park covers an area of 23,688 hectares straddling the northern half of Bataan province near its border with Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales.

The park was first established in 1945 with an initial area of 31, ...

000 hectares. It has since been reduced in 1987 to its present size of 23,688 ha. The park contains several World War II memorials being known historically as the site of the Bataan Death March. Bataan's highest peak, Mount Natib is also located within the park.

Bataan National Park is covered by tropical jungle and mountain terrains with significant geological features such as rivers, springs and waterfalls. Pasukulan and Dunsulan falls are found within the park, as are important species of flowers and ground orchids. It is also home to several cagey wild monkeys and other varieties of insects and birds.

Bataan National Park News

  • Migratory Bird Count In Bataan Wetlands Drops

    Migratory Bird Count In Bataan Wetlands Drops

    The Asian waterbird census last Saturday spotted and counted 15,075 migratory birds in one day at wetlands in four seaside villages of this city or nearly 50 percent lower than last year's number.

    Census takers were composed of representatives from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP).

    Cristine Cingco, WBCP secretary, said the number was almost one-half lower than last year's count of 29,384 waterbirds.

    According to her, there were reasons for the drop??"not all the migratory birds have arrived, it was very windy, only a ...

  • Bataan Capital City Gears Up For Migratory Bird Festival

    Bataan Capital City Gears Up For Migratory Bird Festival

    The City of Balanga in Bataan is gearing up for the annual festivities highlighting the town's hosting of thousands of migratory birds starting on Wednesday.

    The town is the host of the 10th Philippine Bird Festival from December 9 to 11.

    The Philippine Bird Festival is the country's first and largest educational event focused on raising awareness and appreciation of Philippine birds.

    Held annually in partnership with local governments, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations, the festival goes to different places in the Philippines to highlight the unique and diverse ...

  • PTT completes planting 30000 trees in Bataan

    PTT completes planting 30000 trees in Bataan

    PTT Philippines on Saturday completed its mission of planting 30,000 trees in the denuded portion of the Bataan Natural Park in the Aeta village of Kanawan in Morong, Bataan under its Gas Up for a Tree reforestation project.

    Sukanya Seriyothin, PTT Philippines president and chief executive officer, and Secretary Nereus Acosta, presidential adviser for environmental protection, planted the 30,000th tree.

    Felicito Payumo, former chair of the Bases Conversion Development Authority, reigning Miss Earth Jamie Herrel and Miss Earth Philippines Anjella Ong with more than 400 volunteers joined ...

  • Music arts tapped to protect Mt Natib forest

    Music arts tapped to protect Mt Natib forest

    When the usual protest rallies and bureaucratic meetings fall short to save endangered forested mountains, environmentalists and even developers now turn to alternative ways in which more people can chime in to their efforts??"through music and arts.

    Foreign and tribal dances, indigenous arts and folk music wafted in the festive, chilly mountain air at the first Mt. Natib Eco-Arts and Music Festival held May 9-10, 2015 at the picturesque Sinagtala Farm Resort in Barangay Tala, in Orani town, Bataan.

    According to the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office here, "Mt.Natib is t ...

  • Bataan is Moving Strong and Pretty

    Bataan is Moving Strong and Pretty

    "BOOM! BANG and another BANG!.... then an unknown black smoke oozed into the sky, turning everything dark, then the roaring tora tora flew in, bombing everything on the ground…then the stench of the splattered human blood filled the misty air and the day made more frightening by the long and deep eerie cry from the women and children across Bataan… The Japanese were here! "

    "The imperial soldiers conquered the land like a sweeping tornado! And with every local resistance, the walls and streets of Bataan were turned into an open mural, painted with blood spilling from the slaughtered men ...

  • Bataan Holds Climate Change Summit

    PTT Philippines Corporation held an environmental summit on June 25 in Bataan to address the worsening problem of climate change.

    "Malala na kalagayan ng planeta, lumalala ng lalo at nag-a-accelerate ang epektong climate change [The situation in the planet is worsening because of climate change]," Climate Change Commissioner Nadereb "Yeb" Sano said.

    He said that super typhoons, rainfall patterns and drought are brought about by this phenomenon.

    "Dapat alagaan ang kagubatan, dapat bigyan ng pansin ang problema at alagaan ang natitirang natural resources upang hindi magpatuloy ang kakul ...