White Beach Malamawi Island

Isabela City, Basilan

White Beach is a fine beach found in Malamawi Island near Isabela City, in Basilan. Good for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing.

White Beach Malamawi Island News

  • Malamawi Island White Sand Beach In Basilan

    Malamawi Island is just a stone's throw from the port of Isabela City, the capital of infamous Basilan. While from the port nothing seems to look special, a cross overland, to the other side, brings one to a beautiful white sand beach. And it has less people.

  • Malamawi Beach Crowdless Paradise In Basilan

    Malamawi Beach Crowdless Paradise In Basilan

    Malamawi Beach is a beautiful pure white sand beach in Basilan. It is just 15 minutes away from Isabela City which is the capital city of the province. This beach is one of the secret gems of Basilan. It is now crowded. It is clean and it is not so very popular among tourists.

    It is a kilometer long white sand beach, flour quality sand, transportation is good and people are accommodating. Best spot for swimming, snorkeling and taking plenty of pictures for your social media posts. 🙂

    Most people fear Basilan but a lot of people who just want to travel and explore the Philippines f ...

  • The Basilan I never expected

    The Basilan I never expected

    Fishing boats were docked in Isabela City's port. The slight drizzle made the ground muddy, prolonging the disembarkation of passengers from our ferry that just arrived from Zamboanga City.

    I walked through the mud clutching my bag tightly to keep it dry. I was in Basilan, one of the southernmost island-provinces of the Philippines, a province infamous for being terrorist and insurgent hotspots for the past decades.

    Being raised in Manila, I've only heard of negative news coming from Basilan. Ask any Filipino residing outside the province and its nearby areas, and you'll see fear in thei ...

  • Do Not Be Afraid Of Basilan

    Do Not Be Afraid Of Basilan

    Nowadays it's almost impossible to find a place that's completely untouched by tourism. Locations once considered remote are now accessible by plane, boat, or car.

    White Beach in Malamawi in Isabela City, Basilan, is a virgin island, blessed with pristine water and white sand.

    Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Gov. Mujiv Hataman wants the place to be a business and tourism hub.

    Unknown to many, cities in Basilan like Lamitan and Isabela are generally peaceful and laid-back.

    Hataman is supporting tourism and business in Basilan to create jobs for the locals. "I want local ...

  • The White Beach of Malamawi Island

    The White Beach of Malamawi Island

    Once in a while, it is nice to go out of our comfort zones. Break away from the monotony of everyday life- to not think too much nor plan too detailed, instead, to just get out there, explore and experience the earth's wonders. Take risks. Yesterday was one of those rare moments, and it's definitely one for the books!

    I woke up at around 4 o'clock. Despite having only a few hours of sleep, I was able to hear the sound of my alarm. Immediately, I sent a text message to Sewang (my college bff who went home for a short vacation from Kuwait,) asking her for confirmation whether our trip will st ...

  • Basilan The Hidden Gem of the Philippines

    Basilan The Hidden Gem of the Philippines

    There are 7107 islands in the Philippines, all of which boast natural treasures worthy of a fun adventure. Most famous are Palawan, voted World's Top Island based on a survey by renown Conde Nest Traveler; Boracay, a popular beach destination for both international and local tourists; Albay, home to Mount Mayon, a beauty of a volcano admired for its perfect conical and symmetrical shape; Bohol, esteemed for its delectable Chocolate Hills; Ifugao, domicile of the majestic Banaue Rice Terraces; and Tagaytay, an elevated observation deck that provides a nice vantage view of the diminutive Mt Taal ...