Tabiawan Busay Falls

Isabela City, Basilan

Tabiawan and Busay Waterfalls are located in Tabiawan, Isabela, Basilan and good for picnics and bathing.

Tabiawan and Busay Falls News

  • Basilan Travel Guide Beyond Fears and Doubts

    Basilan Travel Guide Beyond Fears and Doubts

    Let me start by saying that there is Jollibee in Basilan and there are no Jollibees is some Luzon provinces say, Aurora, Benquet, Apayao and Ifugao among others. Also, Basilan has two (2) cities and some Luzon provinces have none or only one city. That being said, Basilan is economically well-off and worthy to visit even without mentioning its huge ecotourism potentials.

    Basilan is the largest of the many islands in Sulu Archipelago. It has 11 towns and 2 cities. Though majority of its population are Muslims, there is a good number of Christians in the province which is indicated by the p ...

  • Feel the Beautiful Province of Basilan

    Feel the Beautiful Province of Basilan

    The Province of Basilan is an island province of the Philippines within the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Basilan is the largest and northernmost of the major islands of the Sulu Archipelago and is located just off the southern coast of Zamboanga Peninsula. Its capital, Isabela City, is administered as part of the Zamboanga Peninsula Region.

    Basilan is home to three main ethnic groups, the indigenous Yakans, and the later-arriving Tausugs and ZamboangueƱo. The Yakans and Tausugs are predominantly Muslim, while the ZamboangueƱo are mainly Christian. There are also a number o ...

  • Basilan Where to go

    Basilan Where to go

    Basilan is one province that is blessed with natural bounties since its early years of existence. The province, bestowed with different cultures and traditions and rich in aquatic resources, was once considered the trading center of Mindanao in the early days. Basilan has a variety of natural tourist spots that dot the island's pristine beaches and cool inland resorts, it has a peninsula point called punta matangal in tuburan that offers a haven for surfurs very similar to that of the northshore of Hawaii. Basilan has gradually evolved into a charming, even surprisingly hospitable place were w ...