Malamawi Island

Isabela City, Basilan

Malamawi Island is located in Isabela, Basilan. It is considered the gateway to Basilan. Here, the parola of the lighthouse guides ships and vintas to the channel.

Here can also be found the traditional resting place of the nomad sea-faring Badjaos and Sama-Luans-Banguingui. It also boasts of the only lake in the province with wild ducks. Also found in Malamawi is the Panigayan fis ...

hing village where spearfishing is recommended.

Malamawi Island News

  • Siren Call

    Siren Call

    Ahh! The beach! Is there a better place to unplug and disconnect from our harsh realities? The thought of the soothing sounds of the waves crashing on the shoreline somehow can make you forget real life. For a few minutes I stare at my laptop wallpaper, which is a photo of a postcard-perfect paradise in the remotest part of Palawan. How I wish I could just teleport away to the island! I remember how the whistling songs of the Orioles and the warm rays of sunshine would wake me up every morning during my camping trip to the island a year ago. I would slip out of my tent right away to enjoy a qu ...

  • The Maldives Of Basilan Malamawi Island In Isabela City

    The Maldives of Basilan is located in Malamawi Island in Isabela City.

    Location: Isabela City in Basilan, Philippines.

  • Malamawi Island The Hidden Paradise Of Basilan

    Malamawi Island The Hidden Paradise Of Basilan

    Malamawi is a small island off the coast of Isabela City, Basilan. An "off-the-beaten" destination that you should visit this 2017!

    During our trip to Zamboanga City last year, we made a side trip to Malamawi Island in Basilan. I've been to Basilan twice in the past, but this is the first time I've visited Malamawi Island. Thanks to our friends in Isabela City for taking us to this island paradise. Definitely one of the best beaches in the Philippines I've been to.

    Malamawi Island's White Beach has a long stretch of fine white sand that shines amid rich turquoise waters. Since the beach ...

  • Guide To Malamawi Island

    Guide To Malamawi Island

    Malamawi is an island just opposite Isabela City, across the kilometer-wide Isabela Channel. It used to be a separate municipality but it became part of Isabela. I was able to visit it again this December.

    We started the trip early; we were at the Zamboanga Port before 5am so we can get tickets, and by 6am we were underway. We arrived at Isabela before 7, and after breakfast at my cousin's place, we went back to the port again to take a banca across the channel to the island.

    We got a habal-habal that will take us around. From the market/port area we went up the hilly portion of the isla ...

  • Malamawi Island Basilan PH

    Malamawi Island Basilan PH

    "Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind." ??" Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations.

    During my 1st visit in the island province of Basilan wayback 2005, I was very afraid to roam around. With news about insurgents thriving in the province, I was just satiated by the thought that, at least, I was able to set my feet in one of the country's less traveled places.

    Fastforward some 10 years after the 1st encounter: The thought of going back to Basilan and see the splendor it can offer came about after a friend invited me to go to Tawi-Tawi. We though ...

  • A Visit To La Mesa Eco-Park In Quezon City

    A Visit To La Mesa Eco-Park In Quezon City

    As a nature-lover, I have a soft spot for parks and eco-tourism hubs. So when I have learned that our group's destination during the blogventure event (an activity that is part of the 75th Founding Anniversary of Quezon City) included an eco-park, I became even more ecstatic. Moreover, I have always wanted to go and see the La Mesa Eco-Park.

    The La Mesa Eco-park is a 33 hectare park that is part of the La Mesa Watershed (an important water source for the Greater Manila Area). It was in the year 2004 that the park was opened to the public as a means of generating income for the watershed's m ...