Lampinigan Island

Isabela City, Basilan

Lampinigan island is about 66 km. North-East-North of downtown Zamboanga City, and 2 Km. East of Vitali Island, on the beautiful Moro Gulf. It has very good scuba diving opportunities. May also be known as Lapinigan Island.

Lampinigan Island News

  • Basilan Island The Eluded Paradise

    Basilan Island The Eluded Paradise

    Basilan Island has been a hot spot and has been consistently heard over the national news for acts of terrorism and battles between the Philippine armies and the militants. It scared the hearts of many travelers and adventurers marking it hot red and a danger zone on their maps. Even some people from the nearby Zamboanga City do not dare to visit the island. Majority of them have not visited the island yet. Mentioning your plan to visit the island will get you a reply and advice to be safe. It baffled my mind and saddened my heart that these stigmas blanket the paradise that has longed to be u ...

  • Basilan The Hidden Gem of the Philippines

    Basilan The Hidden Gem of the Philippines

    There are 7107 islands in the Philippines, all of which boast natural treasures worthy of a fun adventure. Most famous are Palawan, voted World's Top Island based on a survey by renown Conde Nest Traveler; Boracay, a popular beach destination for both international and local tourists; Albay, home to Mount Mayon, a beauty of a volcano admired for its perfect conical and symmetrical shape; Bohol, esteemed for its delectable Chocolate Hills; Ifugao, domicile of the majestic Banaue Rice Terraces; and Tagaytay, an elevated observation deck that provides a nice vantage view of the diminutive Mt Taal ...

  • Braving Basilan A traveler tense adventure

    Braving Basilan A traveler tense adventure

    The man in combat uniform holds an assault rifle that goes from his shoulders down to his chest...and I understand that I am in no familiar situation,' writes Mark Rodel dela Rosa, recalling his trip to Basilan

    As soon as the vessel sets off from the port of Zamboanga City, my mind goes into a reverie, and I begin to imagine my destination. Crescent moons on venerated mosques, worshippers and their prayer rugs, indigenous people in vivid traditional costumes, the bucolic cluster of stilt houses.

    Suddenly, all the scenes in my daydream vanish into thin air as I glimpse a soldier, conspicu ...

  • Breaking invisible barriers Lampinigan Island in Basilan

    Breaking invisible barriers Lampinigan Island in Basilan

    In a place where acts of rebellion are rife and armed forces are often seen guarding hotspots, it is not surprising to catch sight of a small quantity of tourists strolling around the area. Basilan Province in southern Philippines has received negative publicity due to events of rampant abduction and kidnap-for-ransom, as well as bombardment of structures and disputes resulting to gunfire between the military and militants. Mainstream media had contributed to the exaggeration of happenings in the province, indirectly tagging it as a war zone that is unsafe and formidable.

    Jumping from terro ...