Calugusan Beach

Lamitan City, Basilan

Calugusan Beach a long stretch of while sandy beach facing the Basilan Channel/ Straight, this place is ideal for any beach related activities as well as for relaxation. Its white sands and refreshingly clear pristine waters would entice you to stay longer and enjoy the serenity with only the gentle breeze murmuring to calm you. Situated in a coastal barangay 1 kms away from Lamitan property, Calu ...

gusan Beach is bounded by barangays, Buahan, Luksumbang and Balas.

Calugusan Beach News

  • 10 under the radar white sand beaches in the Philippines you havent been to

    10 under the radar white sand beaches in the Philippines you havent been to

    After the widely successful remote beach list I posted last year, here's another ten that will surely whet your appetite to travel and discover more of the Philippines.

    Most of these beaches haven't been included in other beach lists that you usually find repeated again and again and I'm proud to say that I've personally been to all these.

    These are beautiful with white sand ranging from powdery white to cream colored to a mixture of sand, pebbles and other normal sea debris.
    Not all of these are readily accessible though. Case in point, Brother Island is private (but possible to visit) ...

  • Lamitan white beach strip in Calugusan

    Lamitan white beach strip in Calugusan

    Ever since I've been to Malamawi Island off Isabela City in Basilan, I've been on the lookout for other Basilan beaches to feature. Considering that it has several islands and islets, with many having those white sand fringe as seen from airplanes. Thus, much to my delight when a friend arranged for a trip to Lamitan, the other city.

    It was a little past noon when we've finished lunch after a visit to Bolingan Falls and headed to Calugusan, a barangay of Lamitan City. It was a bit farther but the ride was pretty much okay as the roads were good. After a right turn into the Barangay and pass ...

  • The Wonders That Await You in Lamitan City

    The Wonders That Await You in Lamitan City

    When it comes to destinations that a lot people has yet to discover, Lamitan City is likely to be a part of the list. Unlike other areas in the Philippines, it is still on its way of achieving overall development, which means most of it is still untouched and undiscovered, especially its numerous tourist attractions.

    Attractions in Lamitan City are categorized into existing, historical, emerging, potential and man-made. This goes without saying that there will never be a dull moment when in the city.


    • Bulingan Falls
    Located southwest of Lamitan and surrounded by Barangays ...