Sabang Beach Baler Aurora Philippines

Sabang Beach Baler Aurora

Famously known as the surfing capital of the Philippines because of the massive waves that will give you an amazing surfing experience! Cheap front beach hostel, friendly surf instructors and tour guide (that reminds me of the surfer and the instructor, and then they fell in love with each other which happened here in Baler. PS. I didn't fell in love with my instructor guys. Trust me.), stunning beach views. Gahd! Thinking all that makes me want to go back to Baler real soon.

We went to Ampere Beach in Dipaculao Aurora to catch the sunrise which is really amazing; to Ermita Hills where you can see the statue of the survivors of the Tromba Marina (the tsunami that the people in Baler will never forget) and you can also go upstairs to see the "white cross"; to the hanging bridge where you can see nothing (jk) we also went to Aniao Islet where the water is REALLY clear that you can see the fish swimming around and lastly we trekked down to the Mother Falls in San Luis to see that big ass momma falls (Kuyang tour guide told us there's a bigger water falls than Mother Falls which is Father Falls, and there's also Baby Falls which is the small one of course. I am not joking.)

And oh! I almost forgot, your Baler Trip is not complete if you do not go to the Balete Tree or The "Millennium Tree" (wherein of course there's a tree. Well it's not just a tree, it's a BIG EFFIN TREE! It is said to be the largest of its kind in Asia and it is estimated to be 600 years old. It is over 200 feet with its roots and it takes close to 50 people holding hands to circle the tree. Also, some people believed that it is a home for supernatural beings like kapre, tikbalang, etc.).

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