Baler Philippines

Baler is a great tourist destination and for two days we were able to explore some wonderful natural attractions. Sabang beach is a long stretch of sandy shoreline with soft and shallow ocean bed. It is a haven for surfers and an ideal place for those who want to learn to surf. Numerous surf shops are situated along the beach. We hiked up Ermita Hills in Mt. Dibudalan at Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali. From the top of the hill, we had seen the stunning view of Baler Bay, Dima-Dimangalat and Aniao Islets. We went to a small waterfalls called Diguisit Waterfalls and enjoyed a refreshing swim with friends. Crossing the Tibag-Sabang hanging bridge was breathtaking, with weathered planks of wood and fragile bamboo railings. Another wonderful sight to behold is the century old Balete tree which is located in the town of Maria Aurora. The tree has a huge opening and you can climb its huge branches but be careful not to fall. We made another trek to a bigger waterfalls called Ditumabo Mother Falls in the town of San Luis. It is one of the major attractions in Baler. It got its name Mother Falls since it is the biggest waterfalls in Aurora province. This magnificent falls has a height of 140 feet and creates a rain-like experience within the area because of the strong current of water flowing from the top. It truly is an awesome sight and a wonderful work of nature. During the trip we also had the chance to tour around Baler town and visit different historical landmarks within the town proper. We can say that food in Baler had a lot of interesting dining options to offer which will surely satisfy our cravings for good food. Last but not the least, we didn't forget to buy "pasalubong" and souvenirs to bring back home to our family and friends in Baguio City. There are several souvenir shops within the town you can choose from to buy quality souvenirs. Visit Baler, it's one of the best places to see in the Philippines! It is an experience for keeps.

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Video & Edited by: Ivan Tiamzon
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