Sabang Beach Surfing

Baler, Aurora

Sabang Beach is located in Baler, Aurora. From March through June, the waves are relatively calm providing a good beachfront for swimmers and an excellent challenge for expert windsurfers. The months from October to February bring in the large waves for beginner surfers to learn the basics with relative safety, since most of the beach is sandy- bottomed.

Sabang Beach Surfing Aurora News

  • Travel Guide: Baler Aurora

    Travel Guide: Baler Aurora

    Baler, the capital town of the province of Aurora, is a haven for surfers and bikers. This laid-back coastal town is known primarily for its waves. Numerous surf shops are situated along Sabang beach catering to novice and the seasoned surfers.

  • Baler, Aurora Of Surf, Siege And Something Else Spry

    Baler, Aurora Of Surf, Siege And Something Else Spry

    In 17th century, Spanish galleons braved the waves of Baler. But after 300 years, they surrendered the last Spanish garrison to the Philippine revolutionary forces & their regime ended. Today, more than a century after, brave ones still ride its waves. But not anymore on those huge expedition ships but on surfboards!

  • Glamping: A Quick Cure For The Harried Life

    Glamping: A Quick Cure For The Harried Life

    Weekends and holidays are like gems to harried people like me. I treasure them like jewels as a respite from the madness of the daily grind.

    The Andres Bonifacio Day last November 30, became such an opportunity for a long weekend. I had planned on vegging out and binge-watching my favourite Netflix series. But my sister changed this when she asked me if I would allow my son to go "glamping" with her and her two sons in Baler, Aurora, a six-hour drive from Manila.

    The word "glamping," sounded new to me, but it immediately piqued my interest as the term was curiously appealing. And so I ...

  • Rides In Baler Aurora, Province

    Rides In Baler Aurora, Province

    We are headed northeast, passing of Nueva Ecija province before entering the Sierra Madre mountain range, which forms the boundary N.E and BALER.

  • Baler, Aurora Surfing Capital Of Luzon Philippines

    One of my Favorite Beach because of it's huge waves.

  • Baler, Travel Guide: Top Things To Do, Where To Stay And Tips More

    Baler, Travel Guide: Top Things To Do, Where To Stay And Tips More

    A road trip away from the Metro, Baler has become a popular choice for many Filipinos looking for a break from the city life. If you're planning to travel to Baler, you're certainly in the right place. Writing from the perspective of a frequent Baler goer, I've made sure to include in this Baler travel guide everything a traveller needs to know about the place. Read on to learn some basic facts and travel tips as you plan your Baler adventure.