Museo de Baler

Baler, Aurora

The museum in Baler town, Aurora, now displays various artifacts and paintings about the history of the province, particularly exhibits regarding the two ethnic groups ??" Dumagat and Ilongot, and various photos and memorabilia of President Manuel L. Quezon.

A historical tale of the town is represented with photographs of provincial leaders as well as President Quezon and his family ...

, as well as photos from the Japanese, Spanish, and American periods of Baler's history.

Museo de Baler News

  • Things To See And Do In Baler Aurora Philippines

    Things To See And Do In Baler Aurora Philippines

    It was another great weekend that I decided to join the Top View Philippines 2 days 1-night tour to Baler trip.

  • Baler, Aurora: Travel Guide And Sample Itinerary

    Baler, Aurora: Travel Guide And Sample Itinerary

    One of Luzon's hidden gems, Baler in Aurora Province is dubbed as the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines, it was first known for its waves that can reach up to 2.7 meters (9 feet) tall.

  • Museo De Baler - Aurora Province

    Museo De Baler - Aurora Province

    Museo de Baler explores the fascinating progress of Baler from just six families who survived a tsunami in 1735?to its thousands today. It's amazing to learn how their small community thrived and how one of their people rose up to ranks and became a leader of the entire country. You can also discover here how this small and quiet town in the north has impacted the country during the revolution against the Spanish, Japanese and the Americans.

  • Baler Travel 2018: 2D1N Budget Itinerary

    Baler Travel 2018: 2D1N Budget Itinerary

    Baler is located in the province of Aurora, the Philippines, approximately 231 kilometers (144 mi) north-east of Metro Manila. The province is home to numerous surfing spots but municipality of Baler is the most visited destination. In fact, it has become one of the Philippines top surfing spots and is like a second home for Manila-based surfers. The place offers the most accessible surfing area with good accommodation, Sabang beach that's ideal for beginners.

  • Travelogue Baler, Quezon

    Travelogue Baler, Quezon

    Haler Baler! We screamed after 10 hours of traffic from Edsa to Aurora, Quezon. This past Labour Day weekend our family decided to go somewhere, it was a pretty late decision since we only have a day to look where to go. And we decided to go a bit farther this time since we already explored most of Batangas and Zambales, and baler was the perfect destination for us, as well as the whole of manila. We went on a road trip to Baler, normally it would only take 6 to 8 hours of drive from Laguna to Aurora, Quezon, but because of the holiday everybody went on vacation and so traffic is understandabl ...

  • Road Trip To The Surf Capital Of The Philippines, Baler Aurora

    Being dubbed as the birth place of surfing in the Philippines, Baler offers great surfing waves and is an ideal surf spot as it is a road trip away from Manila. Aside from surfing, there are many other things to do in Baler. The town has a rich history, and there are different historical landmarks in the area. Baler is also filled with many beautiful nature spots which you can explore on a day trip. These include:
    - Century old Balete tree
    - Diguisit beach, rock formations and waterfalls
    - Ermita Hill
    - Ditumabo mother falls
    - Baler hanging bridge
    - Quezon's rest house
    - Quezon memoria ...