Museo de Baler

Baler, Aurora

The museum in Baler town, Aurora, now displays various artifacts and paintings about the history of the province, particularly exhibits regarding the two ethnic groups ??" Dumagat and Ilongot, and various photos and memorabilia of President Manuel L. Quezon.

A historical tale of the town is represented with photographs of provincial leaders as well as President Quezon and his family ...

, as well as photos from the Japanese, Spanish, and American periods of Baler's history.

Museo de Baler News

  • Road Trip To The Surf Capital Of The Philippines, Baler Aurora

    Being dubbed as the birth place of surfing in the Philippines, Baler offers great surfing waves and is an ideal surf spot as it is a road trip away from Manila. Aside from surfing, there are many other things to do in Baler. The town has a rich history, and there are different historical landmarks in the area. Baler is also filled with many beautiful nature spots which you can explore on a day trip. These include:
    - Century old Balete tree
    - Diguisit beach, rock formations and waterfalls
    - Ermita Hill
    - Ditumabo mother falls
    - Baler hanging bridge
    - Quezon's rest house
    - Quezon memoria ...

  • Baler Aurora Travel Guide

    Baler Aurora Travel Guide

    For years, I've had it on my bucket list to visit Baler, Aurora. The only thing that really stopped me was that I used to think it's too far up in the north like Pagudpud, Ilocos. What convinced me to make the trip? There was a span of time when my feed was being flooded with photos of my friends who've been to Baler. That's when I finally made up my mind. It's time to go. Besides, it's been too long since my friend, Ate Kwin, invited me to her province. Baler unquestionably deserves a place on your list of go-to places to satisfy your beach cravings this summer.


  • The Long And Winding Road To Dipaculao

    The Long And Winding Road To Dipaculao

    It took us nearly seven hours to reach Dipaculao. Driving through mountains with the heavy clouds, strong winds, and occasional showers, we thought the trip wouldn't be worthwhile. But once we reached the place, we got more than what we bargained for.

    Baler, one of the surfing spots in the Philippines, is famous for its strong waves and winds that make the surfers go loco. There are many tourist spots in Baler that you can visit but we only had one place in mind, the Dicasalarin Cove.

    Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, we didn't get the chance to visit the place. Since that day was c ...

  • Discovering Baler Itineraries Budget Travel Guide

    Discovering Baler Itineraries Budget Travel Guide

    Looking for some quick weekend getaway with your friends, families or loved ones? Here's the perfect place for you. I bet you all knew this. Baler is one of the top places you have to visit here in the Philippines.

    Baler is located 231 kilometers (144 mi) north-east of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicle. It is host to spectacular geographic formations and is situated on a vast plain at the south end of Baler Bay, a contiguous segment of the Philippine Sea.

    How to to get there?

    • If you're taking a public transportation, travel time is roughly 5-6 hours. ...

  • Baler Escapade Museo De Baler

    Baler Escapade Museo De Baler

    After spending some time in Balete Park, we finally headed to Baler. Since it was raining and it is not possible to go for a swim, our Tour Guide decided to utilized the time we have so we went to the Baler Plaza and explored all the nearby landmarks and notable destinations as possible. I realized that all notable places in Baler are just few blocks away from each other. Once you reached the plaza, you can go start exploring one place to another just by walking.

    It was raining and it was a perfect timing for us that our next destination is an indoor attraction. Museo De Baler isn't that bi ...

  • Baler Escapade

    Baler Escapade

    I started availing those package tour online last February when I attended the Panagbenga Festival and went to Baguio with no family or friends to accompany me (Check : A Trip to Baguio : Panagbenga Festival). Although I cannot consider it as a solo travel since I am with other groups, I still consider it a huge milestone on my end since I was able to conquer my fear to travel outside my hometown. Since then, my feet are always itching for adventure, I am always craving for a new journey and I am always eager to explore anything beyond my expectations. I became a weekend traveler but I only li ...