Motyong Beach

Casiguran, Aurora

Motyong Beach, also called Motiong Beach, is located in Motyong, Casiguran, Aurora. Motyong is a popular beach filled with fine white sand. There are no resorts in this area. However, there are few private resthouses. There is a private airstrip located nearby, however, and plans are underway to make it into a full-sized airport, making Motyong ideal for possible resort investment.

Motyong Beach or Motiong Beach News

  • Motyong Beach Casiguran Aurora PH

    Motyong Beach Casiguran Aurora PH

    Casiguran ??" a town in northern Aurora Province is home to some off the beaten destinations that will surely melt your heart away. The bucolic town has unspoiled beaches with various shades of powdery sand (white sand in Casapsapan, creamy brown in Motyong), crystal clear waters and coral gardens plus well preserved mangrove forests. And so if you love going to places that are well-tucked by nature, one that offers endless serenity and solitude, then Motyong Beach in Casiguran is one place to experience.

    I was lucky to have a friend who hails from Casiguran, and so when an opportunity came ...

  • Nature Areas and Beaches

    Nature Areas and Beaches

    Ampere Beach

    Location: Ampere, Dipaculao

    Getting There: From Baler town proper, take a tricycle going to Sabang Beach. From there, hire a motorized banca and ask to be taken to the site.

    Travel Time: One hour

    This beach is covered with smooth rocks of various sizes and darker color. This beach is an area called Bunga Point or Ampere Point, where local residents flock to Okotan Cave, a time-honored locale for forecasting the weather. The Pacific waves, upon hitting the shoreline cave, produce an explosion, the intensity of which, according to local lore, determines the intensity of ...

  • Motyong Beach Resort Casiguran Aurora

    Motyong Beach Resort Casiguran Aurora

    From Casapsapan Beach, we drive next to Motyong Beach. I'd say the next more calm beach in Casiguran Aurora.

    While the rented motortrike agreed a full day tour, he was already whining when he heard we wanted to go to Motyong. From Casapsapan, it took us more than an hour to get to Motyong.

    The road was just as rough as going to casapsapan beach. We were struggling left and right between rocks which I suspect has fallen from delivery dump trucks because of the airport that's under construction.

    We had to cross the runway to get to the other side going to motyong.

    There are currentl ...