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  • Things To Do In Baler-Balete Tree Hanging Bridge Ditumabo And Surfing In Baler

    Things to do in Baler:
    1. Surf Surf Surf!
    2. Historical walking in Baler
    3. Diguisit's Beach Rock formation & Falls
    4. Watch the sunrise
    5. Climb the Ermita hill
    6. Trek to Ditumabo falls
    7. Food trip - check out Kusina Luntian
    8. Climb century old Balete tree!
    9. Selfie! Selfie
    Day 1
    0000H ETD - Manila
    0600H ETA Baler
    0615H Breakfast at Rolling Store
    0700H ETD to Mother Falls
    0730H ETA Mother Falls
    0745H Register
    0800H Start Trek
    0900H ETA Falls
    1000H Start Descent
    1100H Back at Jumpoff
    1115H ETD to City
    1200H Lunch
    1300H ETD Daguisit Falls
    1330H ETA Dagui ...

  • Baler Escapade The Enchanting Balete Tree Of Aurora The Millenium Tree

    Baler Escapade The Enchanting Balete Tree Of Aurora The Millenium Tree

    After a quick tour in Ampere Beach in Dipaculao, we went to another interesting sight in Aurora, the so-called Millenium Balete Tree. It didn't take us long to reach the Balete Park. You can easily trace this eco-park because it is located near a public high school.

    The so-called Balete Park is just few walks away from ECRMNHS or Eliseo C Ronquillo Memorial National High School, a school named after the founder and donor of the land where the school and the park is currently situated. The park is located within the Barangay Quirino in Maria Aurora, Aurora.

    It was still drizzling when we ...

  • Maria Aurora Enjoy A Day Trip In The Province Of Aurora

    Maria Aurora Enjoy A Day Trip In The Province Of Aurora

    This quiet town in the province of Aurora is the only non-coastal municipality in this part of the region. However, this does not make Maria Aurora lag behind other towns like Baler and San Luis. Despite not being a surf haven, this town is popular for its other attractions and verdant landscape. Its boundaries are Baler, Dipaculao, San Luis and Nueva Ecija.


    Comprised of 40 barangays, this town got its name from the daughter of President Manuel L. Quezon and First Lady Aurora Quezon. Maria Aurora or "Baby", who was a law student at the University of Santo Tomas in 1949, was amb ...

  • 2 Days Baler Itinerary For Your Next Weekend Trip

    2 Days Baler Itinerary For Your Next Weekend Trip

    Topping the list of beach destinations and one of the top surf spots in the Philippines, Baler has a lot to offer aside from its 9-foot waves that attract hundreds of surfers during the surfing seasons from September to February. Baler is rich in history from the American colonia period up to its conversion to cityhood. So if you have the passion to learn more about Philippine history while relaxing, Baler is perfect for you.

    Two weeks ago, we booked the Baler Tour of one of the local travel and tour agencies here in Manila and next thing we knew, we were off to a 6-hour roller coaster ride ...

  • Adventurous Aurora

    Adventurous Aurora

    The last time I visit Aurora, I had both pleasant and unpleasant travel experience ??" both are memorable. It was my first travel to the province but during that time it rained during my entire stay in the province. And because of the weather, I only managed to explore few places of interest in the province. And to top all my travel mishaps, I had an accident in Museo de Baler where I got bloody wounded because I slipped on the wet floor because of the rain. But despite of it all, I still got to experience what Aurora has to offer - historical explorations, natural wonders and great food. It w ...

  • DIY Baler Trip

    DIY Baler Trip

    As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to go to Baler this time just as what we (my bf and I) planned since last year and yay I'm so excited. Bought a plane ticket 3 weeks before the trip, did some research on what to do there aside from surfing, filed a VL then boom! Let the DIY Baler trip begin!

    So where is this Baler by the way? When my co-workers asked me where I'm heading next and answered them Baler, they'll ask me again 'Where is that?'. C'mon guys? Haven't you even heard about the movie 'Baler'? Or stumbled upon the province while skimming on the map of the Philippines? lol. But ju ...