Lukso-Lukso Islets

Baler, Aurora

Lukso-Lukso Islets are located off the coast of Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora. At least three islets comprise the rock formations known to the locals as "Lukso-Lukso." One of these small islands is connected to the mainland and at low tide you can see white grainy sands, crushed corals and numerous seashells, some inhabited by hermit crabs.

This island formation is the southernmos ...

t point and is accessible to vehicles coming from Baler. The sea bottom and undersea reefs around these islets are reportedly good areas for diving, and during calm months, snorkeling.

Lukso-Lukso Islets News

  • Baler Aurora Travel Guide A 3,000 PHP Itinerary

    Baler Aurora Travel Guide A 3,000 PHP Itinerary

    Imagine women traveling freely; with no limitations, no judgements, no danger, no restraint. What a concept. We, women, often get doubted with our abilities to travel liberally. We face far more issues traveling alone than men do. We always get that figure that in order for us to travel, women has to be with someone just for them to be secured.

  • Baler Travel Guide Itinerary And Expenses Summary

    Baler Travel Guide Itinerary And Expenses Summary

    It took us five hours to cross miles of flooded and jampacked Manila streets and travel through kilometers of zigzag, uphill roads just to reach the beach town of Baler, Aurora.

    Day before the trip, I was starting to think that it wouldn't push through because of the terrible Manila weather. We had a hard time finding a taxi that we thought we wouldn't make it to our meetup time in Quezon City. Alas, our Baler roadtrip commenced, and it was a pretty exciting weekend.

    You can skip to the end of this post and see my Baler travel guide, complete with itinerary and summary of expenses. But y ...

  • Cemento Beach Cobra Reef And Lukso Lukso Islets Of Baler Aurora

    Cemento Beach Cobra Reef And Lukso Lukso Islets Of Baler Aurora

    There was this old story about two gods who became angry with one another and so they quarreled on a particular day. One god picked up stones and rocks and remolded it. After molding the rocks, he threw it to his enemy. The other god did the same too. But when they threw their rocks to one another, it was miraculous that they do not even hit them. They were all missed. Thus, the existence of several hills, a thousand in actual, scattered around the island. Nope, that wasn't the story of Cemento Beach, Cobra Reef nor the Lukso-Lukso Islets.

    A goddess was the one to take care of the bay. She ...

  • Adventurous Aurora

    Adventurous Aurora

    The last time I visit Aurora, I had both pleasant and unpleasant travel experience ??" both are memorable. It was my first travel to the province but during that time it rained during my entire stay in the province. And because of the weather, I only managed to explore few places of interest in the province. And to top all my travel mishaps, I had an accident in Museo de Baler where I got bloody wounded because I slipped on the wet floor because of the rain. But despite of it all, I still got to experience what Aurora has to offer - historical explorations, natural wonders and great food. It w ...

  • Aurora Surfers Paradise

    Aurora Surfers Paradise

    The province of Aurora got its name from the lady-love and wife of President Manuel Quezon. As a destination throve of gems yet to be unearthed, it holds special spot in the country's ecological map as one of the last frontiers of Central Luzon. It still enjoys the magnificence brought about by the 70 percent forest cover and 328 kilometers of pure coast.

    Baler, the province's capital, is known for a historical siege and killer waves. Record reveals that the town served as a backdrop of the Siege of Baler.

    At present, Baler is highly-regarded as a surfer's paradise. The most popular is S ...

  • Baler Aurora Lukso-lukso Islets

    Baler Aurora Lukso-lukso Islets

    It is popularly called the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines". I do not want to agree because I have been to Siargao, and I was in Baler during its no-wave season. Since there is no dull moment for me whenever I am in a new place, I tried to look for some local destination in this small and historic town of Baler. So, this blog article is about my non-surfing activities in Baler.

    If you are new in Aurora, go directly to the local office of Department of Tourism and ask for their free brochure. It will come handy and helpful. My driver/tourguide told me about this so we drop by the office. ...