Lindy Point Surfing Break

Baler, Aurora

Lindy Point Surf Break is located just north of Baler, Aurora. The break was accidentally created by the local government engineers, as they opened the mouth of Baler Bay to the town river, as a flood prevention exercise. Another surf spot for advanced surfers, Lindy's point provides tall, strong, sharp waves.

Lindy Point Surfing Break News

  • A Surfing Destination Found by Hollywood

    A Surfing Destination Found by Hollywood

    Baler's reputation as a surfing destination emerged in the wake of filming Apocalypse Now - when Robert Duvall's Lt. Col. Kilgore marveled at the quality of the local surfing (as the scent of napalm filled the air), he was really pointing to Baler, where the movie was shot.

    When the film crew completed filming and departed, they left the surf boards behind, the locals learned to use them, and a new tourism attraction was born!

    Baler, Aurora has a long coastline facing the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean where typhoons usually make landfall. The waves are calm in the summer, but usuall ...

  • Where to surf in the Philippines Baler Aurora

    Where to surf in the Philippines Baler Aurora

    When I started to love surfing, I also started dreaming about visiting all the surfing spots in the Philippines. I have been to Bagasbas, Daet, Camarines Norte, I visit General Luna, Siargao several times a year, and now Baler, Aurora.

    My friends from Baler told me that one can catch decent waves all year round but the best waves are from October to March. Surfing competitions are held every February.

    Surfing Spots in Baler

    Sabang Beach
    Beach Break; for natural and goofy surfers; very good for beginners but the swell can get bigger especially when you catch the good sets i ...

  • Baler Surfing you thought getting here was an adventure

    Baler Surfing you thought getting here was an adventure

    Baler is the capital of Aurora Province. It is located at about the mid point, on the east coast of the main island of Luzon. The town faces the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, which gives it the surf that it is renowned for.

    Aurora province has borders with the provinces of Isabela, Quirino to the north, Nueva Vizcaya and Nueva Ecija to the north west and west and Bulacan and Quezon to the south west and the south.

    How do I get to Baler

    Some say it is an adventure just getting to Baler. A large proportion of the province of Aurora is covered by the rolling Sierra Madre mountain range ...

  • Surf Spots in the Philippines

    Surf Spots in the Philippines

    Aside from just swimming and getting a good tan, the beach is great for all sorts of water sports, including surfing. If you want to learn how to ride the waves, here are some surf spots around the Philippines that I've personally been to.


    The nearest surfing spot to Manila in terms of land travel, the laid-back town of Real, Quezon also offers a decent place for beginners who want to try out surfing during a quick weekend trip. The coastal town, which is located on the eastern shores of Luzon facing the Philippine Sea, is known for having rural beach resorts with grayish sa ...